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Rollin Thunder
12-02-2007, 05:42 AM
i could not find this one online and spend 15 min typeing it out, so there may be some typos, here we go.

The hummer h3 was sent in to battle with inadequuate fire power. Five cyclinders and 220 hp just don't cut it in todays towing world. So, for 2008, GM engineers sired a fortifies H3 Alpha. The venerable Chevy small-block v-8 now lives under this latestgeneration h3's hood, boosting power and torque into the 300 club. THe tow rating rises accordingly- from a wimpy 4500 to a much more useful 6000 pounds.

I loved the H3 alpha from the first tap of the gas pedel.
The v-8 sounds happy while working and never needs to engage its higher rpm to deliver effective thrust. Hitched to my 3580 pound glastron bowrider, the h3 passes its tow test with flying colors.
Unladen, this 5000 pound bulldog hustles to 60mph in just under 10 seconds. Acceleration with the load in tow took 17.7 seconds from 0-60 and 12.4 seconds from 30-60 passing maneuver- justifies admission to the fast lane. When Gm gets around to replaceing the antiquated four-speed automatic with a contemporary six-speed box, performance will be even better.

The three button, wo speed transfer case provided ample grip and grunt at the launch ramp. Massive disc brakes with standard abs stopped well over four tons of vehicle and trailer from 70 mph in just over 200 ft.
Directional stability at highway speeds is excellent and h3 Alpha tiptoes gently over bumps and broken pavement.

interior trim was thoroughly upgraded last year with attractive brushed metal and double stitched leather accents. This year's list of improvements includes side curtain airbages and stability control, both standard.

The coolest new option is an $850 dollar with a display screen that zips horizontally out of the rearview mirror when you shift into reverse.

What not to like? you feel like a tank commander in any hummer because visibility is diminished by the pillbox styling. get used to craning your neck at most traffic lights. Climbing aboard is also a chore, but that comes with the territory in a truck capable of fording 24" of water and stepping 16" over rocks and brush.

engine- 5.3 liter ohv v-8

300 hp at 5300 rpm.

320 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm.

tranny- 4 speed auto.

front suspension- control arms, coil springs

rear suspension- rigid axle, leaf springs

Brakes (front/rear)- Disc/Disc, ABS standard

Tires- Good year Wrangler RT/S p265/75SR-16

wheelbase (in.) 111.9

Length (in.) 186.7

Width (in.) 85.5

Height (in.) 74.5

Curb weight (lbs.) 5000

towing capacity (lbs.) 6000

cargo volume (min/max cu.ft) 29.5 x 55.2

fuel capacity (gallons) 23.0

0-60 acceleration (w/o / W 3,580-lb. towed load, sec) 9.9/17.1

30-60 acceleration (w/o / W 3,580- lb towed load, sec) 7.2/12.4

60-0 stopping distance (w/o / W 3,580- lb towed load, feet) 149/207

observed towing fuel economy- 10 mpg

price (as tested 41,745



12-02-2007, 12:00 PM
When I test drove one it was nice, it had the nav and was fully loaded, but lacked the creature comforts. I am accustomed to in the Tahoe like adjustable pedals and steering wheel controls. The H3 was slower on acceleration due to the lower gearing.The H3 really needed the V8 and I think over time the V8 could just replace the inline 5.To be fair the H3 has a different mission than the Tahoe, which I am biased to for it's comfortable ride and creature comforts that I am spoiled with.