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Service Stabilitrak / Service Traction Control

Well, things were going well this afternoon while I was working on my Denali, and I was wanting to back out of the garage, and I had my intake off, so I figured I'd roll her out in reverse. I put the key in on run (not started), foot on brake, door ajar, and dropped it in reverse. Upon rolling out in reverse slow as a snail, I stopped in my driveway, noticing the brakes were making a weird noise, but I figured it was just because I didn't have power braking at that point (engine not running.

I did my work (installed a HID kit), then put things back together, reconnected the negative battery lead, and tested things out. HIDs worked fine after I adjusted a ground lead on the passenger side wiring harness...

ANYWAY, when I buttoned everything back up, and started the truck, I got a check engine light, and a "Service Stabilitrak" and "Service Traction Control" message, then of course it says "Traction Control OFF".

I don't think I screwed anything up with the HID install (everything works fine), but could I have messed something up rolling it out in reverse with it not running?

Any ideas would help, and since I don't have a programmer yet that would be able to read these codes, I'm sure I don't have much choice other than to take it in to the dealer. Did I do something obviously wrong?!? :confused2:

Thanks for any insight / help!
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