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HMMMmmmm.... Still have trouble....

Well, I think it's time to take 'er to the dealer for service. Stabilitrak and Traction Control service indicators came back. :mad2: Called OnStar, and had them run a diagnostic, and they stated that the ABS/Stabilitrak controller has an issue (I figured as much), and they also mentioned that my fuel system has a problem, which was a surprise. :cuss: I'm wondering if the fuel system error they show has to do with my Volant Intake...or with just having the intake off when I had the key in "run" yesterday when I was doing the work. I thought I had cleared the "check engine" code earlier today.

Anyway, I've disconnected the negative battery lead, will let it sit overnight, and will test again tomorrow. I'm sure the ABS/Stabilitrak issue will come back, but I need to try, right?

Question I have is this: before I take it to the dealer for service, do I need to take off the intake and disconnect my HIDs? I don't think so, but I'd appreciate any input from you guys. I love my truck, and my dealership is pretty good, but I've never had to deal with potential aftermarket issues vs. warranty before so I don't know what to expect.
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