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grin Simple fix: Smart truck, stupid owner!

Well, it's turned out pretty well thus far. Picked up the truck this afternoon, and it did cost me a $59.99 diagnostic fee. According to the tech @ the dealer:

1) The Volant intake has a small hole in the seam where it was cast, and it was causing the MAF sensor to report less air than the engine was getting, causing a fuel mix problem. The hole was patched temporarily to allow futher diagnostic (using a highly complex strip of electrical tape). Dealer "offered" to patch it for me permanently for $94.00 (labor), but I said no way, I'd just epoxy it for $4.00. The hole is about the size of a grain of rice - I'm actually surprised I didn't notice it.

2) MAF sensor issue / hole has apparently been an issue for a while, since I put on the Volant and didn't notice the hole. Computer stores small/non-critical error codes, and doesn't trigger an idiot light unless the codes persist, which in my case took about two weeks. There is another issue w/ the Volant intake which I've mentioned over here.

3) Computer disables certain other functions based on error conditions. In my case, the traction control and stabilitrak errors were caused by the computer turning those functions off due to the check engine condition as per above (supposedly to prevent cascading failures), and NOT by rolling out in reverse without the engine running.

It's nice that GM puts some "fuzzy-logic diagnostic intelligence" into their products, but for a computer guy like me coming from a (usually) cut/dry troubleshooting school, this was a "curve" I wasn't expecting.

I consider myself lucky not to have hosed up anything else (yet). Bottom line: Inspect your parts carefully before you install them - lesson learned. Ghetto-fied Volant image below.

....Oh yeah, and my other vehicle was a tad low on brake fluid due to recent pad replacement like I mentioned -- just added some and she's golden.

....Also, my computer's drive IS toast. Grrrr.....

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