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Technical Discussions This forum is for technical discussions related to customizing your Tahoe/Yukon

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Originally Posted by mstephens3701 View Post
What part of the engine are we looking at in this picture? Is it the upper rear?
yes it's the driver side rear. right behind the intake.
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Thanks! After reading other post on this forum, I am afraid the problem is with the instrument cluster. As the pressure gage shows Max 80+ when ever the the key powers up the system, engine running or not.
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my '04 tahoe reads 40psi with key on but engine off and 60 - 80psi when running. all other gauges appear normal. Suggestions? bad gauge?
Oil is clean and full- no sign of water or gasoline. Coolant tank full at cold mark no sign of oil in it.
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Old 11-24-2008, 11:58 AM   #14
C Penner
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How do you get to the sender? Do you have to pull the engine?
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Old 12-21-2008, 02:11 AM   #15
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No, it is located on the rear of the engine closer to the passengers side. You'll have to crawl in there and feel around but the sender is like the shape of a roll of quarters. Not saying that is what is wrong but most likely sender or ipc.

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Old 02-15-2009, 09:23 AM   #16
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I have a 2003 Yukon XL with the 8.1L engine. The oil pressure guage quit working (stays at 0 in all states at all times). They replaced the guage cluster under the SCA, but it still reads 0, so they diagnosed it as the sending unit. They want $300 to replace it, but as I have been unemployed since June 2008, I can't afford that. Anyone know where I can get one (much) cheaper on-line and if it is in the same general area as the pic above?

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Hello all. I just replaced the oil pressure sensor on my wife's 2006 Yukon (5.3 engine). I was able to replace with only removing the plastic intake cover and the air intake (from air cleaner to throttle body). This required loosening three 5/16 screws (one on intake cover and two clamps on air intake) and four screws (air cleaner cover). These were removed to ensure they weren't cracked as I laid across engine to reach back of engine on the drivers side (right side) to remove the sensor. Location is directly under firewall before back of engine meets the transmission. I used a 3/4" drive, two 6" 3/4" extensions, swivel, and a Autozone Oil pressure sensor socket #25254 to remove the sensor. I will try and add pictures for location and to show what I removed. Took 15min max. Hopefully this will help!
Pictures as promised:
Plastic intake cover removed (one 5/16 bolt):

Air intake (from air cleaner to throttle body - two 5/16 clamp screws and 4 air cleaner screws:

Oil sensor socket from Autozone:

Driver, extensions, swivel, and socket:

Location of sensor when laying on top of engine towards windshield:

Another view:
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Default 06 5.3 liter Tahoe oil pressure sending unit replacement

My oil pressure gauge pegged to 80psi earlier this week. Called a parts store and got a Borg Warner replacement with lifetime warranty for about $40 dollars. Get yourself a 1-1/16 inch deep socket.
1) The cover needs to come off the top of the motor. One bolt and it was off. 2) location of the oil pressure sending unit is on the rear of the motor, top side slightly to the right of center line of the motor slightly to the drivers side. It is behind the cover you just removed down in the area between the fire wall and the back of the valley in the motor. I had to locate it with an extendable mechanics mirror. Beware, the area you are going to work in is very limited in terms of space. It is a one hand, blind process. That's where the mirror comes in handy. The Sending unit has a plug the connects to electrical system. This connection has a clip mechanism that you need to gently pry off to loosen the clip. Once you get the clip loosened, gently pull up on the connection and it will pop off. Get your 1-1/16 inch socket on the nut. What you are removing is made of very light weight metal. Make sure you get the socket seated well. The 1-1/16 socket I used was 1/2 inch drive. I used a 6 inch extension on the ratchet and with very little force, it loosened. Loosen it until you are able to turn the extension by hand and remove the extension and socket from the area you were in. Carefully reach back in the same area and get the old oil pressure sending unit out. I noticed the factory unit had a yellow grommet in the electrical portion of it. DON'T LOOSE THIS. I looked at the new unit and it did not have that grommet in it. I placed the yellow silicone grommet in the top of the new unit and worked it back into the spot where the nonfunctional unit was removed. Make sure it screws in easily. Get it as tight as you can by hand or with the socket and extension. Attach your ratchet and tighten it down. There is a crush bushing you need to compress for good seating of the unit. Once tight you can attach the connection plug to the sending unit. There is a piece of plastic the is on one side of the new unit, like on the old one that will help you orient the plug connection. The clip will align with the plastic Piece that protrudes from the side of the sending unit. Gently push down and make sure you hear it click. You are almost done, just replace the vortec cover and tighten the bolt down and you are done. It took me about 30 minutes once I found where the sending unit was located. I had an idle pressure of about 40 psi, and as expected, it rose with engine reving. Fixed! A few cuts and scrapes and some contorting over the motor and I was done. There are pictures already on the Tahoe Forum so I opted to try to give as much detail as I could to help you all out. I've got 197,790 miles on this Tahoe and love it. I guess after this many miles, this factory unit finally pooped out. I
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Awesome, thanks! I was just about to go get the part and begin the endless "climb around a Vortec" process.
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Default 06 Tahoe oil pressure sending unit replacement

It's really not that bad to replace, but do yourself a favor and rig up a long piece of 3/4 inch plywood to place over the fenders under the hood. Kind of like a work station to kneel on. Made all the difference in the world in comfort. Make sure you protect your paint. I'd hate to guess how much a dealer or mechanic would charge you.. Good luck and repost if you need more help.
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