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Audio, Video and Alarm Discussions This forum is for discussing audio and video topics. Such as upgrading or repairing your A/V system.

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Default 2004 Tahoe Radio Swap

I am new here and I am about to buy a 2004 Tahoe, which has the old factory single cd/cassette tape head, no steering wheel controls and no ONSTAR. Seller says it has Bose speakers. I don't even know if it is an LS or LT. I would like to replace that unit with a 6-cd changer and possible aux port. Don't care about the tape part. The important part is upgrading from single cd to 6 cd changer. Is this possible? Can anybody recommend a compatible unit that will fit right in (plug in and play). Thanks
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Default Hallo, anybody home?

My God, is this forum dead?????? Chevrolet Tahoe, one of the most popular models in the country and there is nobody out there that can answer my question. --- Hard to believe. I looked in my manual. There were 3 models radios that are listed as available options for the 2004 Tahoe with a Bose system. Option 1 was a plain radio, option 2 was a radio with a single CD player and a tape player and option 3 was a radio with a 6 cd changer and no tape player. My question is. Can anybody in this huge country of 300 million provide me with the OEM GM part numbers for these 3 units for that particular year. There must be somebody out there that knows. Thanks!
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After about 2 months of research and information gathering and being told along the way multiple times that it is easier to fly to the moon than to swap out the radio on my Tahoe, I am happy to say that I finally got what I wanted. Chevrolet did not help much. Either they don't know, don't want to or have better things to do. I couldn't even get a promise from them that they would be able to program and pair the new radio to my car and guarantee that everything will work. And that was if they order and install the radio. You don't want to know what all of this would have cost me. Then I found a supplier that had exactly what I wanted, a radio with a 6 CD changer and Aux port, but they did not want to assume the responsibility of determining what part number is the right one for my car. I would have to order the radio, install it and then take it to Chevrolet for programming and pairing and if I am lucky it all works. The estimate they gave me the dealer would charge for the programming was around $150 for a 10 minute job. All too iffy, so forget that. Then the next supplier came close. They were very knowledgeable and knew what I needed. It came with a good warranty, return policy and guarantee that the radio will work. They even were doing the programming and pairing. There was a savings of a $150 right there. But the radio didn't have an Aux port. However they would recommend an after market gadget that I can order on Amazon or eBay and do it myself. No thanks, too iffy, too half-ass, too expensive. Then I found a very knowledgeable vendor on Amazon who had everything I wanted. The company is called Factorytunes (Nathan White) in Las Vegas. They had it all. I gave them my VIN and a picture of my service parts ID (found in the glove compartment) and they took over from there. I got the latest possible radio compatible with my 2004 Tahoe. It came with the Aux port in the face plate, all programmed and paired, truly plug and play, guaranteed to work, great warranty and return policy, 5 bucks for 2 day shipping. The swapping out was easier than ringing a door bell. I turned on the ignition, no anti-theft coding needed, everything that was working before was still working the same now, the radio was performing as expected, all pre-set buttons work, changer works flawless, ipod on the aux port never sounded so good. The whole Bose system sounded better than before. Maybe it's because it is a newer, more powerful radio, I don't know. And best of all the price was right. They even took my old radio in trade and gave me 50 bucks for it. Needless to say that I am a happy camper and it all worked out 100%. I can highly recommend this outfit without reservation to anyone that wants to upgrade to a different GM OEM radio and take the guess work out of it.

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