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Field Reports Tell us about and post pics of your road trips and off road adventures

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Default Up to 25K+ Miles! Drives like a Dream!

Last time I posted we had about 12,000 miles on the '08 Z71 Tahoe and now we've doubled that!

This truck still drives like a dream. My wife and I have loaded up the Grandkids and gone to Corpus Christi (we live in San Antonio) for the weekend, took a trip to Coushatta, MS, then north and west through north Texas and then into northern Oklahoma and then back to San Antonio, about 1,100 miles. We also went to Biloxi, MS this summer for a little over a week. Didn't have one single bit of trouble with the Tahoe.

The seats are still nice and comfortable and we're finding just that extra little bit of adjustments that make them perfect.

Now, I've recently developed some increased noise levels which were the results of incorrect front-end alignment that caused the tires to cup badly. Fortunately, the dealer recognized this as their problem and replaced all four tires at no cost to me. Now the Tahoe is running just as quietly as the day I bought it.

Seems like the paint is still holding up just fine. I do have it in a car wash about once a week or as needed.

I did have a slight encounter with a parking garage wall. I kind of scraped the rear passenger side wheel molding. The Z71 has these over all four wheels and I guess I got a little too close to the wall. Of course my Wife had to be in the truck at the time and just happened to tell me I was getting too close but by then I'd already done some damage. I could probably just replace that part and it would be good as new but that particular part costs $200+ so I haven't done it just yet. Also, I don't discuss this with my Wife!
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Default 08 LTZ Tahoe

Sorry to hear about the fender, hey look at it this way it could have been worse.

I have the 08 LTZ and love it. It has almost 40,00 on it and it's nice to drive better than my wifes 04 Elderado. The 07 Tahoe had a little over 80,00 when it was wrecked.
GM did better on the Tahoe than they did on the Camaro in my opinion.
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our '07 LT had 50k miles on it when we got rid of it. Kept getting cyl #1 misfire code and ran like crap every so often. Never could get to the bottom of it.

current '09 LTZ has 30,000 miles and now motor acting / sounding very weird when started on very cold mornings. Always keep up on oil changes and correct oil....????

Other than these small issues, the tahoe is a very nice car.

Favorite Tahoe has been our '04 Z71, new body style is nice but.........

I have noticed, not much activity on this board. Wonder why, lord knows there are tons of tahoes on the road, are they driven by people that dont surf the web??
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this site used to be full of spam. lot of users went to different forums.

Currently I have an 07 hoe at 72K. Never had any engine problems but they did have to drop the trans to fix a broken sproket. I was the root of that cause, pulling a trailer with a heavy load and wheels on fire usually isn't good for transmissions...lol. Luckily the warranty covered it.
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