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Other vehicle makes and models A forum to discuss any other brand or make/model of vehicle you would like to discuss

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Well where do I start without sounding like I am bragging...
I have had the pleasure of working on my friend Steve Plunketts world class Cadillac collection. He is the biggest Cadillac Collector on the planet. With over 75 cars and over 60 Caddys.
He had an auto salon museum, a 31 car display garage another 15 car garage out back, the house holds 6 and the basement of the house holds 15.
I worked on all of them. His collection ranges form the 20s to near present
He owns Johnny Cash Cadillac, Bob Hopes Cadillac, Raplh Pulitzer Cadillac and Joe Kennedy(JfkS DAD)Cadillac to name a few. He also happens to ave Canadas biggest car show on his estate once a years with over 20,000 spectators,5000+ cars, a 2700 sit down dinner/dance with live music...such as the beach boys etc...a Harvard Aircraft show,dancing tractors, Amphicars going through his man made pond....and all for charity.
www.fleetwoodcountrycruizein.com if you want to check it out.There is a link to all the cars he owns with photos,
The next coolest thing would be a private one on one tour at Jay Lenos private garage of over 200 cars and 250 motorcycles. Mind blowing!
While in LA we visited out friend George Barris and my son got to sit in the famous #1 Batmobile that ended up selling for $4.2 million recently.
Having owned 70 cars,trucks and bikes...I have had a full life at 41 yrs old.
I think any of that will be hard to top for me. WHo knows the future.
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Ford GT (the re released gt40 not mustang), 66 Shelby cobra, and the most unique one was a 98 Mazda miata custom turbo running close to 400 HP! That thing was fast, looked dumb as hell though lol bad body Kit.
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Well lets see.

Lamborghini Countach Anniversary edition: sure is an attention getter for sure, but it is a novelty that wears off fast.
Ferrari F430: another attention getter and makes a wicked exhaust noise.
Ferrari 355: I think it is crap as far as car engineering goes, but again if you want to get noticed and it has a pretty high fun factor.
Ferrari 348ts Challenge: same as a 355 but worse.
Lotus Esprite Turbo: Best handling production car ever built. Almost as hard to see out of as a Lamborghini though.
Porsche 930 modified: fastest car I ever been in on the street... in excess of 190mph.
Porsche 962: strictly a race car but that thing is awesome and fastest I ever been on the track 212 mph.
Porsche 901 Turbo S with PCCB. Awesome brakes hated the PDK.
Bentley Flying Spur: 600+ hp Land Yacht

I still like the Porsche the best, however, it is not as exciting or as much as an attention getter as the Ferrari.

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