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Technical Discussions This forum is for technical discussions related to customizing your Tahoe/Yukon

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Default need adapter for aftermarket stereo on '03 yukon?

I'm about to buy my dad's '03 Yukon and I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with it. One thing is that I want to change out the factory receiver. First off, I want some way to plug in my ipod without that FM adapter thing, I want it hardwired. Second, I think the factory Bose speakers are being woefully underutilized by the stock receiver.

So does anyone have experience with aftermarket stereo installations on an '03 Yukon/Tahoe with factory Bose speakers? I was browsing the Crutchfield site, and started looking at head units. Under the installation details once I click on one, here's what it says:

"Installation Details for your 2003 Yukon
Your vehicle is factory-equipped with an upgraded sound system. We strongly recommend that you purchase an adapter that maintains your factory door chimes (required for audible safety warnings), provides a switched 12-volt power source for your new radio, and allows you to continue using the OnStar feature. (Note: This adapter requires that your new radio have both front and rear preamp outputs.) You should not replace your factory radio without this adapter.
Metra VT-GMOS-04 $99.99
You must use the recommended Crutchfield integration adapter to retain the warning system chimes. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death.
You'll lose your factory XM capability if you replace your factory radio."

Ok, so it says I need this adapter to keep my door chimes, On-star (which I dont care that much about), and Sat-radio (I also have factory XM). Only thing is, that piece of equipment is another $100 and got terrible reviews, saying it pops the speakers all the time. Anyone have any advice on whether or not I actually need it, and if so, is there a better alternative? Also, how will I lost my XM capability if I replace my factory radio with a SAT radio-ready receiver? Sorry this is so long, but I would really appreicate any help.
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A lot of 2000-up GM cars and all 03-up GM trucks (except for newer LAN systems) , use the Class II Databus systems. You'll need this in order to retain your RAP function, chimes, On-Star, and properly integrate into the Bose system. Even if you don't use the On-Star, you will need this part. And the part really isn't that bad. Metra is one of the biggest manufacturer for aftermarket integration harnesses and kits. They've been around for years. I use this part in different GM vehicles everyday and have never had a problem. You can also use Scosche Part# DCGM09 if you don't care about your On-Star, or Part# DCGMOS2B11B for On-star. Both will work with your Bose.
You will lose the factory sat-radio even if you install a sat-radio ready deck. There is an adapter you can install to integrate some aftermatket radios to your GM XM.
You can also purchase most aftermarket decks now with the capability of charging and controlling your Ipod via the head unit. Pioneer and Alpine for example offer a cable that plugs into your Ipod and the back of your deck that charges the ipod and allows you to control the Ipod with your new deck. These cables retail about $30.
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i have the webpage that has the parts you'll need to keep the door chimes, onstar, and steering wheel controls functional at home on my home PC. I will post it when i get home! On top of that, you will need a harness adapter so that you wont have to cut up your trucks factory stereo harness! I know the steering wheel module is about $100 and the OnStar/DoorChime one is about $130 and the factory harness adapter is like $50 at AutoZone/Pepboys! Prices might be a little off but ill post it for sure tonight!
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