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  1. raiderron
    On the hunt for a newer Tahoe.
  2. gmanhouser
    I've owned a 2001 Tahoe since 2009, and we love it. I replaced the entire AC system two years ago, and it has run great. However, a week ago I had to replaced the original radiator, and immediately after which I began hearing a new and very loud jackhammer-type noise, but only in low RPMs. After several times hearing it, I pulled over but couldn't see anything. I tried emulating gear progression while in park, when "snap" something broke. It was the AC belt, snapped in half, not worn or otherwise damaged. After replacing the belt, the noise remained, but only occurring between 1.5-2.0 RPMs. I soon determined the AC tensioner would vibrate very violently, causing the jackhammer noise. I replaced it (twice, with two different brands), but the noise still crops up. The noise ONLY occurs when the AC is on. I don't want to automatically just replace the compressor, but does anyone have any ideas for why I'm having this noise? Could my new belt be too loose??
  3. Nornorcal
    finally getting my ride back in shape after a few years in storage. was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for finding Lock Pillar Trim 1995 tahoe 2 door sand color ?
  4. 2012 TahoeLTZ
    2012 TahoeLTZ
    Hi I too am a Tahoe owner. I purchased mine in march 2019 so I'm still learning about it. Thanks in advance for guidance to questions about my pretty smart vehicle.
    [email protected]
    anybody know if you were to want only a 1" - 1 1/4" body lift on a 1999 Tahoe (old style) if you need a whole kit or can you just use 1 1/4" pucks. Will the steering, radiator, etc. need to be extended. I know for 2" and above it needs to be extended. I already have a leveling kit and 2" rear blocks with 315/75R16 MT and just want a little extra height.
  6. Bills Ali
  7. Bills Ali
    Bills Ali
    Hey Fellas! Hope ya all doin good!

    My Chevy Tahoe 2015 LS 4*2 got 9 error codes during a scan. I am attaching the paper with the post. Can any good fella tell me about how much it will cost to repair?

    Much Appreciated.
  8. busaqafyt
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  9. cullas
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  10. Newmen
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  14. ggmouk
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  15. Kowblansky01
    Kowblansky01 TXST8tj
    Hey There! I was browsing around and saw your bronze chevy suburban with 285/75r16 BFG MT tires and ford key and Maxx suspension. It really looks amazingly clean, not outrageously off the ground but also not stock. Would you be able to give me the things you put into it to get a 3/3 suspension? Kind of want to copy it since it looks so good! Thanks.
  16. Kward1124
    Please help! I just purchase a 2015 Chevy Tahoe LT it has a ticking noise many ASE machanics say its normal in these suvs also a slight vibration while at a stand still at traffic light. Have anyone experienced these problems with their 2015 or newer Tahoe?
  17. daiphucka
    CEO at Van Phuc City company
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  18. Jolitsolivia
  19. drbrown300
    drbrown300 Ned's LTZ
    Hi Ned.

    Thank you very much for providing such a service for us members!
    I have a gorgeous 2001 Tahoe, pewter (which is holding up very well considering age and mileage), that is due serpentine belt (tensioner/pulley) replacement, and damned if I can't remember the alternator size. 105 or 130? It would be nice if there was a circuit breaker for the alternator, then I would know.
    I would love to have the build sheet for my Tahoe:
    VIN # 1GNEK13TX1J127188.
    I have the original build sheet for my 1979 Camaro Z28. How lucky is that?
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration on this matter, Ned.


    [email protected]
  20. tahoe_driver