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  • hey im nu to this site.i hav a 96 tahoe,now heres the problemmy truck keeps cuttin out when i push on the gas..i changed the fuel filter the egr val and it still wont stay started please heeelllpp me sum1
    Heyy, I need your help! I've been to every chevy dealership looking for the real answers but none. There is something severely wrong with my trans. IDK how else to explain it but when I'm driving or at a dead stop and I go half throttle, the car will go but not fully and now at moving speed if I hit the gas it will stay at the same speed, w the engine screaming but not moving. Please call me at 203 984 7077. I know you know a lot about these trucks because I seen the list of work you have done & I would greatly appreciate it.
    Yo! remember when we was talking about that fog-light switch? well.. i went to a junk yard in TN. and found a wrecked Limited.. got the fog-light switch and the plastic boot w/ it, and the wiring harness for 5 bux - bad thing about this is, it doesn't have a rear-window to pop or a rear-wiper.. - so i have to cut the bottom peice of plastic off of both of them, and try to make it look right
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