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  • Dear crowdogg i have this same problem with the amp on my 98 tahoe except i dont have and aftermarket deck i got the stock one as you stated in this sentence "Now, If your truck has a custom stereo, and your rear door speakers are not working, it is most likely that the installer neglected to hook up the amp. This can be done by connecting the pink antenna wire from the factory harness to the blue remote or power antenna output of your custom deck. OR, you can just run a direct line from a constant 12v+ to your orange wire on your amp, but unless you put a switch on this, you will suffer battery drain as it will constantly be on" Now my rear roof speakers (Which Are Oem and look brand new and never been used) are not working so i found the amp under my dash but how do i check if its connected or not Please Help Me Out With This Issue i have been looking for help but haven't had any luck AT ALL!!!!
    Hey, thanks for the compliments of my vehicle! I have done my best to keep it looking great without taking away from the original appearance of the vehicle.

    Is your vehicle the GMT 400 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71? If so, they are my absolute favorite Tahoe of all, kinda the look I was going for with mine. Take care of it, they look great!

    In response to your question, I simply disconnected the small speakers and removed them when I installed the GMC Yukon Denali window switch covers. I did not notice any difference in the performance of the radio with them removed and I prefer the appearance of the window switch covers over the functionality of those little speakers.
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