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  • Craig,

    Not sure what you mean by "tuner type mods". I would definitely recommend keeping your MAF and throttle body clean!

    Hey Jenna, been reading some of your posts and wondered if you could advise me...I am about to buy a 2011 Tahoe, stock with 18000 miles and wanted to increase the MPG if possible as I will be doing a lot of miles for work. I will do all that's suggested (tire pressures, gentle foot, correct oil etc) but could you advise on any tuner type mods that would help please?

    Thanks and respect,

    which vette servo is the right one? I am trying to buy one from ebay and dont want to get the wrong one
    hi Jenna, I see that you provide some helpful information on this site, I was wondering if you could help me out. I posted my question yesterday, about vehicle hesitation on my 2001 tahoe LS...could you help please
    Hi Jenna, i would like to put a deposit down for a cable tune, is it to late to still get it for $200 and how do i make the payment. thanks
    Jenna, Got ? for with vette servo is that dd or weekend warrior thing? And if it is and do the mod would it be safe for to make the drive to Minnie?
    2008 tahoe 5.3 flex fuel, volant cold air,Gm perforamce exhaust w hedders. Can justin improve it ? Are you going to be in minnesota anytime soon.
    Hey Jenna,

    Do you guys tune the older 7.4 liter with a 4L80E tranny? or is that too old?

    If ya do, what kinda power increase could i see?

    Thanks a bunch as always.
    perfect, I tried to look for that cam on Comp, wouldn't pull anything up...would it vary being in a smaller 4.8??
    Yep gears and converter are stock. I have been very pleased with it for my around town driving. I am in heavy traffic on the way to and from work and have had no issue with how it performs, I didnt lose any low end. As a matter of fact, I think I may have gained some.
    Jenna/Justin, on the cam mentioned below, I assume this is with the stock gears, converter? Did it help your around town driving, and is all you change is cam and springs?
    I actually have never put the Tahoe on a dyno, but see good numbers with the software. She should be hitting the track soon to get some baseline numbers before the blower goes on though!
    i didnt realize you and I have the EXACT same hoe (different color) obviously yours has a lot of mod... but we even share the same tire size... So i was curious if you have ever put your up on a dyno? If so, care to share the results?
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