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  • Hi Ned.

    Thank you very much for providing such a service for us members!
    I have a gorgeous 2001 Tahoe, pewter (which is holding up very well considering age and mileage), that is due serpentine belt (tensioner/pulley) replacement, and damned if I can't remember the alternator size. 105 or 130? It would be nice if there was a circuit breaker for the alternator, then I would know.
    I would love to have the build sheet for my Tahoe:
    VIN # 1GNEK13TX1J127188.
    I have the original build sheet for my 1979 Camaro Z28. How lucky is that?
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration on this matter, Ned.


    [email protected]
    Hello Ned. I purchased a 2016 Tahoe LT this year from my Chevy dealership in Starke, FL. They have been unable to get the window sticker for me after asking them for 7 months. Your help will be greatly appreciated. VIN: 1GNSCBKC9GR227848 email: [email protected]
    Hello Ned! I'm sure your shoveling snow back there in PA! I was just back for the holidays to see family and couldn't wait to get back to AZ.
    Could you please run a build sheet for my 99 Tahoe I just purchased. My VIN is 3GNEC18R2XG105089. My email address is [email protected] I will gladly send you some sunshine in return! Thank you very much for your service, any cost just let me know.
    Hello Ned....I requested a build sheet 2 weeks ago and didn't know if I missed it and went to my "junk". Apologize in advance if I am maybe being too impatient? Tried to get one of these from the dealer years ago and got that look like someone had just farted.

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