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    03-06 silverado front clip

    damn you beat me. haha I didn't see your post till after.
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    03-06 silverado front clip

    I wanna see a Yukon with a sierra grille and bumper swap
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    Upholstery: Cloth to Leather

    If you want more of a custom looking leather you can order some katskinz.
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    LED Tail Lights...

    Here's the order the lights need to be hooked up.
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    denali vs regular yukon roof rack

    The Denali's have a escalade roof rack, right?
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    LED Tail Lights...

    The running lamp goes at the top, the turn signal in the middle and of course the reverse at the bottom. If you put them in backwards sometimes it will blow the fuse. So check the fuses under the hood. If you have the same ones as me, what I did was write 1,2,3 on the stock light and the light...
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    GMC emblom that is blacked out Here ya go. I think the New emblems are similar, or you can just mask it off.
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    Amp power!!

    I got my side post extenders from autozone.
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    a new lifted 2003 on the board

    Welcome aboard!! is another great place. Here and gmfs is where i spend my time.
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    how do I disable the factory sub in my 2001 tahoe?

    I think your gonna have to just take it off and unplug the harness. Otherwise, cut the wires. I'd go with unplugging it.
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    Opinion on Taillights

    Doesn't Jenna have like a canadian version of the lights and they are all red and white. I say ask JennaBear for the part number and get those.
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    3rd Row Sub install..Who has one??

    there was a thread full of installs, all kind of installs. if someone wants to find it.
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    Completly Shaved Copper & Black Yukon

    That's what I'm talking about. Brotherly love. GOD I love this FAMILY.
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    New to Site. Tahoe Advice.

    If you want a double din radio, possibly so you can upgrade to a navigation system in the future, get a 03-up otherwise you'll have a din and a half and go through hell to mod it.