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    ZW7 Conversion kit?????

    And that has what to do with rear shock Conversion on a chevy Tahoe????
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    Adding a Lift Kit

    I've heard that the Rough Country 3.5" is decent. But I do not know for sure. Honestly, I would like to know as well, as I want to lift my 09 Tahoe SSV. I look on Custom Offsets and Arkon off road websites. There's a large Tahoe Gallery and good info
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    ZW7 Conversion kit?????

    Hello. I'm looking to convert my 09 Chevy Tahoe with ZW7 (Premium smooth ride) to a conventional shock & Spring. I'm wondering, what are some aftermarket Conversion kits available????
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    09 Tahoe LS Brake lights stay on when key is on?????

    I changed Brake sensor above brake pedal. They stay on even when it is unplugged. I have stock lights and haven't changed anything or done anything wiring wise back there. Any ideas?
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    2009 Chevy Tahoe Audio System Crossover

    Is there a crossover for the non-Bose Tahoes? My 09 SSV has tweeters on A Pillars, they don't say Bose on them. It is an LS model which has basic AM/FM w/ CD player, but has all 4 door speakers with tweeters on A Pillars. So, is there a crossover somewhere hidden?
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    2009 Chevy Tahoe heat only blows through front vents & A/C blows hot

    Hello I believe that this is a mode actuator issue. Can someone tell me where the mode actuator is located?
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    Dual battery Big 3???

    So with My Tahoe being a SSV it has a dual battery set up already. I am plannig to redo the dual battery set up and do Big 3 upgrade. My question is what do I usse for Big 3 kit? Do I use 1/0 Kit and 4Ga to connect between batteries and isolator? Or is there a special kit?
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    09 Tahoe sound system ideas please.

    Hello all...I am starting to plan my new sound system for my Tahoe. I would like some ideas about what speakers to use and where. The only thing that I know for sure is that I want a dual 15" subwoofer enclosure in the rear ( I currently have dual 12" MTX terminator 2000w Max (500w RMS/Sub)...
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    2009 Chevy Tahoe SSV rear shock options?

    Hello All...I have an 09 Tahoe LS with the SSV Package. Unfortunately. It's getting time to update some stuff. I would like to replace rear shocks. Does anyone know what I have for options?
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    Hello from NH

    Hello all. New member here from Northern NH. I have a lot 2009 Chevy Tahoe SSV. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you. Thanks for having me.