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    Painting Shocks?

    I'm about to pick up a set of used almost new OE Bilsteins on the cheap to put in with my 2/3 Belltech kit. The only bad part is that they are the ugly factory yellow and blue and I'm afraid that you will be able to see them. Anyone here who has a 2/3 kit, are the shocks even visible once it's...
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    Have a Happy New Year

    Hope everyone has a good time tonight, and above all, please be safe. Whether you're drinking or not, be responsible and aware of others on the road that might not have made as good a decision as you have. Along those lines, I'll be looking out for drunk posts! :lol: Here's to a great 2009...
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    Hey Boost

    You're being paged on At least they like your ride!
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    Help Me Pick My Paint Color!

    After many months of setbacks and waiting, it's finally time to buy some paint for my Tahoe. Originally I was going to go back with the facotry gray, but my painter offered to do a color change in the jams and everything, free of charge. Not one to pass up an opportunity like this, I'm now...
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    My Street Scene Rear Bumper Cover

    I have a Street Scene rear paintable bumper cover for sale in the Classifieds section. Letting it go at a pretty reasonable for anyone who's interested. Mods...I'm not sure if this is against forum rules to post something like this here, but I couldn't find anything saying that it wasn't. If it...
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    Installing Torsion Keys

    Alright guys, I'm no stranger to lowering vehicles, but this will be my first time installing keys. What exactly is involved in doing this and is there anything I should be on the lookout for? The rear springs should be a breeze, but I'm just a little concerned about the keys since I've never...
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    My Tahoe Being Painted - Pics Inside

    I finally bit the bullet and put my Tahoe in the shop to get painted. It's been in there for about five weeks so far, with a few more weeks to go hopefully. If all goes as planned, I should have some paint on there by next week sometime. Here are a few before shots of my ride. Keep in mind that...
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    SS Bumper Cover or Painted Bumper Cap - Pics Indside

    I'm trying to make my decision on whether I should get a paintable bumper cap or if I should go ahead and paint and install my SS bumper. I bought it thinking I wanted it, then changed my mind thinking I wanted more of a stock look with a few touches. (i.e. 22's, Escalade door handles, clear...
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    Part Number for Tahoe Z71 Rear Bumper

    I want to replace my chrome bumper with the rear paintable Z71 bumper for my '02 Tahoe. I went to the dealer yesterday and the guy at the parts counter couldn't track down a part number, then tried to tell me that ALL of the bumpers came chrome from the factory and that they had to be painted at...
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    Cam Plates

    If I lower my front end only 2", am I going to need to buy cam plates to get an alignment? If I go forward with the 2" drop, I'm probably just going to use the purple keys. Also, at what point (drop wise) do you have to have the plates to get it aligned correctly?
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    Leveling My '02 Tahoe

    I'm looking to lower my Tahoe in the rear to level it out with the front. My question is, do I need to lower it 2" or 3" inches to do this? I still have my bumper and spare in the back and plan on keeping them. If I end up going with just a 2" drop, do I still need the shock extenders like with...