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    2007 Tahoe LT Liftgate not unlocking / opening

    Looks like I'm joining this club of the rear hatch window release not working! (I've got a 2010 Tahoe) Neither the onboard door button, or the fob button will pop that back window. I removed all the interior trim on the hatch to see what's going on; I checked the wiring between the body and the...
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    3M Automotive Tape

    TACKY stick on chrome isn't a problem for me to's that SUPER STICKY stuff that's giving me a headache!!
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    3M Automotive Tape

    Some new chrome pieces that I want to install come backed with that super sticky 3M two sided automotive tape. I know that this stuff is the best, but I'm having a crazy time trying to install ANYTHING with this tape; I don't have a chance to properly place and position the piece no matter how...