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  1. tast101

    Clear or black light housing?

    So Should I clear out my lights and get a set of Nali projectors or should I get some black headlights and bumper lights.
  2. tast101

    Built me a amp rack

    started on my install. Friday ran wires, Sat made the amp rack. I still have to put the components in the doors, and Pick a bolt to run my ground wire to. Tomorrow, I'll pull the seat out and sand the paint down to ground it. Prolly finish up tomorrow or tuesday. I hate that they put a molex...
  3. tast101

    UPS was good to me

    Well the UPS man was good to me yesterday, brought me my Infinity Component Sets and My foam gun from the group buy. Both will be used this weekend. Only thing that sucks is I purchased the speakers from :cuss: :cuss: and they wait a month to send them out. Last week I...
  4. tast101

    Cleaned up my Yukon and my Buddies Ram (56ker warning)

    Here's some pics, theres more at the link in my sig. I justed washed, clayed, glazed and waxed mine. Forgot to get before pics of his truck but it was pretty bad, gotta get some polish with more cut to get out those scratches. But he just has a couple lil fine ones now versus a haze of...
  5. tast101

    Foam Gun groupbuy, again

    The guys at are trying to get another group buy for the foam guns. Need 15+ people, have about 7 so far. I Missed the first one, but I'm getting one this time.
  6. tast101

    Read Pilar Speakers

    Rear Pilar Speakers What size are the rear pillar speakers? Should I throw a Full Range Speaker in there or a Tweeter (depending on the size)? I'm waiting for my component sets to be delivered, Then I get to install everything. I'll try to remember to take pics. :thumbsup:
  7. tast101

    Placement for my amps

    Here's where I plan on placing my amps guys, right under the second row (pics below). Right above the 4 ch amp I plan on placing my crossovers for my component sets. Not doing a custom install. Just wanna bolt down the amps etc. It's for personal use not for show, so I'll make it look clean but...
  8. tast101

    Radio Installed (show your aftermarket radio)

    Well since no one wanted to buy my radio I went ahead and installed it on sunday. It's a pioneer 9800BT. It's running through the stock Bose system for now. Later I'll install the sub after I get a box built, and amp the speakers in the door and get some new ones after the bose ones are dead.
  9. tast101

    My first problem, (electrical)

    Ok, after I installed my tail lights a friend told me my brake lights weren't working. So I think a fuse is blown, since it happens to everyone when they first install the leds tails. Well all the fuses are ok. I test the voltage up at the fuse box 11-12 volts. I test the voltage at the socket...
  10. tast101

    Amp power cable, Where to run it?

    I'm going to install my radio soon. I'm not going to install my amps yet but I want to know can you guys provide some pic of your engine bay showing where you ran your power cable through the firewall into the cabin. Thanx
  11. tast101

    Got me some new Tails

    Got me some new Tails (pics now) Dunno if I was bidding against anyoen else on here, but I won some LED taillights on ebay. I don't reall like all the other lights. This was the only one I liked and then bam they disappeared from ebay. And on Friday found em. They were mailed out yesterday so...
  12. tast101

    PID Plates

    This would be nice to get some custom badging done. Replace the Yukon with Tast101. hahahah
  13. tast101

    Tint pics

    For those guys with tint, If you don't mind can you take a pic from the inside looking out for me and maybe the outside? I wanna get a idea of how dark I wanna go. I plan on getting tint shortly but dunno how dark I wanna go.
  14. tast101

    Nite Shade, Tinting Tailights

    Here's a nice little tutorial with a video for those who want to do it. I plan on ordering a can of nite shade and doing a light tint to my lights, not as dark and trend setta.
  15. tast101

    Rear Heater Core

    Well, I guess My Rear Heater is dying, All the rear vents just blow cold air. Anyone know of a way to check to make sure the heater core is working correctly or anything else I should check? And possibly how much a new one would cost? I have a Haynes Repair Manual doesn't look to hard to remove...
  16. tast101

    Yukon in Knight Rider

    Dunno if you guys watched it but they wrecked a yukon at the end. Funny how everyone in the Yukon died but the driver and the Creator of KITT.
  17. tast101

    Kenwood DNX 8120

    The Kenwood DNX 8120, DDX 812, DNX 5120 and DDX 512 are available for pre-order now for the site that sells the custom rear side sub box.. I'm going to wait to read some reviews to see if I want the 8120 or the 7100 (older model).
  18. tast101

    Magic Touch Door Handles A nice lil mod for you guys that like the shaved look. Apparently it was on pimp my ride, but I don't watch the show anymore, it became stupid along time ago.
  19. tast101

    Custom Sub enclosure

    Found a place that sells em for a 12 inch sub.
  20. tast101

    Forum Overhaul

    How about a forum overhaul. I like how my last forum is layed out and the theme. I had designed a carbon fiber theme for them before, before they changed to the new layout. Theme options would be nice.