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    2003 Tahoe - Bad Hesitation, low power

    It sounds purely spark/electrical related. Likely the distributor.
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    2012 stock sirius radio issue

    Have you tried just disconnecting the wiring harness from the factory Sirius/XM receiver? Its a silver box behind the glove box. If you have an aftermarket deck you wont be using the factory satellite receiver.
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    Rubber Finish on Steering Wheel Wearing Off

    I just peeled all it off then it it with material to shine it up. Looks like stock.
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    2008 Tahoe LTZ Control Arms

    I had the exact same question that no one could answer. However what I found is that dimensionaly they may be the same but I was never able to confirm. From what I understood GM used the aluminum arms simply due to weight and fuel mileage on certain packages. I would imagine they are the same...
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    07 Tahoe 2wd lift advice

    I would ignore advice from someone who doesn't even know 2wd Tahoe's don't have torsion bars. Probably the worst way to obtain lift is just to crank the torsion bars (which you don't have). Second worst is just throwing spacers/leveling keys in because it really messes with the geometry of...
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    Apple CarPlay Possibility for 2015 Models?

    I have almost never seen a backwards compatible software update. Car manufacturers just haven't yet made many cars to be upgraded when it comes to internal software. It the big talk in the technology world that maybe someday they will.
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    2013 to 2014

    There were a lot more with the GMT900. New front end ball joints at 80k miles, interior chrome handles peeling (there is a TSB for this thankfully), massive cracking of the dash (another common area that GM is refusing to address for nearly all owners), paint on the A/C buttons coming off...
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    Safety Alert

    Um how do you know the "actual standard" is 6300lbs?
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    Safety Alert

    Where are you seeing the lower weight rating? And how do you know its really lower then what is on the Chevy website?
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    Loss of power

    Wow what a mess. I would definitely force them to take it back through every legal action I could find. I don't care how much of a warranty they offer.
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    07 Hoe Replacement Carpet

    Number 6 on the diagram is the rear carpet. You have to find your color/trim/rear seat combination. Or you could go aftermarket.
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    2013 to 2014

    Bought a GMT400 brand new in 1995. Then a 2008 GMT900.
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    2013 to 2014

    The thing that scares me is GMs history with making things look nice and having decent tech by there being major quality issues. Otherwise we would be getting a new Tahoe LTZ. We will see how these hold up. The GMT900 series have had to many quality issues to make me jump on the new Tahoe.
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    New guy doing research: GMT 800 vs 900?

    Our 2008 Tahoe has some issues. All 4 interior handles have peeling chrome, the A/C buttons all have paint coming off them so you cant read them anymore, the dash is cracked in multiple places, the steering wheel rubber by the airbag is peeling, the clear coat on the paint has failed in many...
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    A/C Cooling

    Sounds like there is an issue with your A/C system. We have a 2008 and it blows ice cold here in Az where it reaches upwards of 120 during the summer. There is no issue cooling. I would have your A/C system check out by someone.
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    3rd row in a PPV/SSV Tahoe

    Just pull up the carpet and you will see immediately. There will be plugged holes for the bolts. They are covered with some kind of putty or tape. I don't know why the body/frame would be any different. The PPV/SSV was just a package. Not a complete change to the body. They all came...
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    Is there any real difference in lower control arms?

    It seems there were 2 types of front lower control arms available on the 2008 4wd model Tahoe. There is an aluminum version and a steel version. Is there any difference between these other then the metal? One is significantly more expensive then the other and I am just curious if they are...
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    Trading Up!!

    From what I have researched the 2007-2009 had most of the bugs and most of them were worked out by 2010. I.e. peeling door handles, cracked dashes, paint on the buttons peeling, thin clear coat, engine bearings, bad engines, bad transmissions etc. I think you would be getting a better vehicle...