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    Immobilizer permanently shut off

    Good to hear "that guy" was able to help you. How's your search for a new remote? My friend is looking at this neat Tahoe with the same issue; a missing remote. It's totally neat though with a new set of brake pads and tires from 4Wheelonline.
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    Need Tires 2019 LT Tahoe

    What size of tires are you looking at?
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    2005 Z71 Complete upgrades

    That's flawless! We'll work on my uncle's new 2006 Z71 project and the sway bar is part of the list. Still waiting for the brake pads and toyo tires to arrive so we can work there at once.
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    Greetings from The Netherlands

    That sounds like a fun and reliable ride, Eric! Enjoy
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    A new member

    That looks like a neat one! Welcome
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    2007 Tahoe

    Were there any mods done prior?
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    New to forum

    Howdy! What mod projects have you done so far?
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    Hello from NH

    Sounds like a great set up! Share some photos when you can.
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    Hello from NH

    Howdy! What mods have you done so far?
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    3" Body lift and 315/70/17

    That's a sweet stance, man nice! That tires looks aggressive. Gonna show this my buddy as he's planning to lift his '05 Tahoe right after we finished installing the new bumper and American force dually wheels on the current '17 F350 project.
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    New to Tahoe but not new to Chevy

    Sounds like a great purchase for you! Congrats and welcome
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    1998 2dr 4x4 New Member

    Welcome aboard! Share some pics of your ride when you have.
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    Another freaking new guy!

    Welcome aboard, Mark. Browse around or use the search bar for your queries. Pretty sure there are some good discussions around.
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    2001 Tahoe Aftermarket HU issue

    Howdy! You may want to post on the tech section if no one chimes in here.
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    New member from UK-99 Z71

    Welcome aboard you two! Looking forward to your mod projects.
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    New Member

    Welcome! Too bad to hear about the Suburban but sounds a good plan for the Tahoe. Enjoy the mod projects
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    Newbie Guy

    Welcome aboard! Sounds great plans for the rig. No dumb question really as long as it is related. Enjoy
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    New guy from PNW

    Howdy! Sounds like a great plan for lifting mods. There are lots of useful discussions here.
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    New to me 05 PPV

    Welcome aboard! If no one chimes in here, try to post your questions on the tech section.
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    New member 07 Tahoe ls

    Howdy! That must have been a very reliable rig. Lots of useful discussions here for help.