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    new to soldering: stepper motor replacement

    I'm sure you have long since fixed this problem, so this is for others with the same issue.... Replacing stepper motors can be scary at first if you not adept at soldering, but it is actually pretty easy to do. First, do not use some old solder gun thats been sitting in your tool box for years...
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    If a Dealer tells you to do something...always get a second opinion. Dealer service departments are in business to do one thing, MAKE HUGE $$$ FOR THE DEALERSHIP. Point in question, the dealership will charge you north of $500 to replace your instrument cluster. You can have your easily rebuilt...
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    04 Tahoe Battery Drain

    Just reading this a year after you posted, but perhaps it could help others... I have an 04 Z71 Tahoe (now with over 300k miles!) and had ongoing dead battery issues, to the point that I bought a portable battery charger to jump my car when needed. I used it A LOT! A new battery didn't fix the...
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    Box Truck Engine Question

    I am currently shopping for a box truck for my business with a 16' cargo box. These are typically called "Cutaways". Used commercial truck dealers in my area usually have ex Penske or Budget trucks for sale in the 2010-2012 range. I am finding the following options: GMC with 4.8L gas engines...
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    Replacing Oil Pressure sending unit

    Thought I'd pitch it here. My 'Hoe has well over 200,000 on it and my oil pressure gauge pegged at 80. It was the sender unit which, by the later responses in this thread, is behind the intake cover at the back of the engine. It is a cheap fix, but also requires that specific socket to do it...