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  1. PNW NBS Z71

    VIN number stamped in frame Tahoe 2004

    I have never had to look for a frame VIN number before. I have seen them on the right side but no particular location depending on the vehicle. It can be behind the RF tire along the frame or anywhere on that side of the frame. Sorry, but I am used to the one at the DS w/s area and the D/S door...
  2. PNW NBS Z71

    2005 Z71 Complete upgrades

    Pics available of all along the way, during this process. Just ask and I can post. I have hundreds of photos.
  3. PNW NBS Z71

    2005 Z71 Complete upgrades

    My list of what has been replaced by all Genuine GM Parts: Pedal pressure sensor assembly, steering gear box, 8 injectors, throttle body, refurbished pristine a/c-heater controller, Corvette servo, blower motor, cannister purge, cannister solenoid, fuel pump, charcoal cannister and bracket...
  4. PNW NBS Z71

    2005 Z71 Complete upgrades

    The bars are stock Z71 bars. My upgrades are complete when I do them and only use Genuine GM Parts. The biggest performance upgrade was the Hellwig sway bar kits, front and rear. I also had Digital Dash Solutions do a custom dash cluster and now I have the transmission temp gauge that works...
  5. PNW NBS Z71

    Make heads turn as you drive by with a set of Milanni Wheels

    Sorry, but these wheels are ugly, IMO.
  6. PNW NBS Z71

    My ABS light is on if I go over 5 mph

    Yes, I agree that it sounds like a speed sensor. Lift the front and check for play in the front hub bearings. If enough play, it can damage the speed sensor. Check all wiring leading to the sensors and check all wiring at the rear. This is something that is a common occurrence when the bearings...
  7. PNW NBS Z71

    Warped rotors

    Welcome to the forum from Oregon. You need to post your questions in the correct section of 2007-2014 forum. Way better response that way.
  8. PNW NBS Z71

    2005 Z71 Complete upgrades

    I am a member at the Tahoe/Yukon Forum and have a build thread there where I have gone almost completely thru the entire outside of the rig and some of the inside. I have taken working components off of steering, suspension, cooling system, oiling system, entertainment and a/c-heater controls...
  9. PNW NBS Z71

    1996 Tahoe, hard shifts

    With 315k miles and likely not knowing if the existing trans is original or not and when was the last filter and fluid service done? You can attempt the basic inexpensive service and see what happens. The radiator ports may not be used but you may have a transmission cooler out with the...
  10. PNW NBS Z71

    4WD will not engage.

    Don't know if you got this fixed but I would suspect the encoder motor having a problem. Either this: Or this: Don't just assume...
  11. PNW NBS Z71

    WTB and Help Needed: Instrument Cluster for 2007 Tahoe LTZ

    Mine is a 2005 and that is likely why I never paid attention to the years listed. I would still contact them just in case and even ask if they know of another company that does the clusters on the 2007 and newer NNBS rigs.
  12. PNW NBS Z71

    WTB and Help Needed: Instrument Cluster for 2007 Tahoe LTZ

    You can go back stock or customize at Digital Dash Solutions: $250 exchange with a lifetime warranty.
  13. PNW NBS Z71

    Hello from New Jersey

    Welcome to the forum from Oregon.
  14. PNW NBS Z71

    Build thread/Under Construction

    Can you start a forum section for members builds and customizing. Allowing lots of pics?
  15. PNW NBS Z71

    2005 Tahoe Cruise Control not working

    If brake lights are not working, the cruise may not work. Plus, why is this posted in the 1994-1999 section?
  16. PNW NBS Z71

    Just not enough traffic here

    Try as I might, I just can't see enough traffic here to remain involved. I will check back in periodically but not daily as I have been. I like the forum and feel it is needed but another forum I belong to is way busier. I don't have all the answers when trying to post here but I know a lot. The...
  17. PNW NBS Z71

    Don't do this

    I just happened to notice two things that someone at another forum told me about. He is all safety first because he has that rock behind the rear wheel and that he may or may not be welding near the fuel tank. Ah, hell, no worries. He will die in the explosion anyway.
  18. PNW NBS Z71

    Don't do this

    Never ever be this stupid:
  19. PNW NBS Z71

    Improving handling and power

    The pin is only needed if there is too much play at the cover. You can read about that at the web site. You can pay the extra fee for the pin and have it if needed or can install it at a later date if you need it then. I have not gotten the Overdrive servo because I do mainly in town driving. If...