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  1. Gambler

    Alignment numbers

    Do the 2500s even come with 20" wheels?
  2. Gambler

    3RD row seat back won’t come back up?

    My second row seats won't flip up if I don't seat them firmly. You could try adding a little more force to your actions. Perhaps try pushing down on the seat back before lifting up.
  3. Gambler

    2008 Denali Crome Wheel Rust

    Sometimes I like my cheap painted aluminum wheels...
  4. Gambler

    Are Escalade's Wipers identical to the Tahoe's?

    Both Bosch and RainX have part numbers on their respective websites and you can order them online. I needed them for a trip, so I was hunting around and eventually found the NeoForm wipers at CarQuest. So yes, I say so.
  5. Gambler

    No sound/Power escalade

    You can move it yourself with the tread tools menu above your first post.
  6. Gambler

    Starting car with left turn signal...

    Uh, what year is this on? Is this some optional feature you can turn on? Sounds like a bug to me.
  7. Gambler

    Painted My Bowties (PICS)

    I like the look actually, gives it a nice 2-tone flair.
  8. Gambler

    Are Escalade's Wipers identical to the Tahoe's?

    There are some aftermarket ones. RainX, Bosch and others make them now. I bought aftermarket ones from CarQuest, I forget the brand now though. Your best bet is to look up the product number from the manufacturer and buy them online. The local shops don't seem to carry them. Took me 6 shops...
  9. Gambler

    Tunner for an 07 tahoe

    A lot of us on here have gotten a custom tune from BlackBear (see my sig), and would recommend that. Alternatively you can buy handhelds such as superchips, edge evolution, diablosport predator, etc. Check, they have them there.
  10. Gambler

    GM V8's

    You can hear when you are in V4 mode, it gets deeper and it seems to vibrate slightly more.
  11. Gambler

    help with adapters

    Yes your parking assist should return. Metra makes the one I showed you, there are others, but I don't recall what they are.
  12. Gambler

    help with adapters

    You need the Metra GMOS-LAN-02 or similar for the chime retention, and you need the PAC SWI-PS for the steering wheel. I've heard mixed reports on the compatibility of the steering wheel adapter, but I think it should work.
  13. Gambler

    Escalade Project

    That center console is worth some money. I had to look long and hard to find a cashmere one for my tahoe.
  14. Gambler

    12V Power Outlet

    The fuse box is under the hood if you didn't know that. As for which one is the outlet, I don't know. You can pull them and test each of them if there isn't a diagram.
  15. Gambler

    Volant Intake install with pic

    Make sure to check that gasket where it connects to the throttle body every so often. It is a PITA!!
  16. Gambler

    engine mount problem

    This poll has seen some action, I think the distribution is pretty reasonable.
  17. Gambler

    to those who have a BB tune

    Torque management is used to limit the amount of torque the engine is putting out to try and reduce the possibility of hurting the drivetrain. This of course causes reduced performance. Reducing this gives you some protection, and increased performance. Removing it altogether will give you...
  18. Gambler

    Are these trucks ticking financial bombs?

    If you are still concerned, and don't mind doing some work, this is a good idea:
  19. Gambler

    Are these trucks ticking financial bombs?

    You'd have to be REALLY REALLY REALLY unlucky for you to cause an accident with a spare tire severe enough to drain all of the insurances you mentioned. Even then, if your claim that they will all go bad eventually is true, you'd have GM to sue. I don't think that this is that COMMON a...