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    2003 driver door lock actuator intermittent cutout

    Check the wires that go between the door and body. The can break causing an intermittent connection
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    Plugs, wires, cap, rotor... Coil?

    I wouldn’t worry about the coil until you are having problems it. No need to fix what isn’t broken
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    Greetings from colorado

    I inherited my Dads 1999 tahoe. It has 148k on it and has been in the garage for the last 13 years in New Mexico. I drove it home to colorado without any issue looking forward to brining this thing back to 100% and driving it as a daily
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    Please help with misfire - I'm stumped

    Perform a leak down test and make sure that cylinder is sealed. I have seen carbon on valves cause this.
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    Replacing the Intake Manifold Gasket - What a Nightmare!

    I will also be getting ready to perform this task in the next couple of weeks. Will I need a scantool to set timing on it?