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    GMT900 Tahoe RPO code decoder???

    Hello all. Can anyone tell me of website where I can decode my RPO sticker?
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    Adding Fog lights to my 09 Chevy Tahoe LS *HELP PLEASE*

    No. My truck didn't come with fog lights. It's former police vehicle. I already installed the headlight switch with fog light button. I bought OEM fog lights. So now I want to know how to wire. I want to be able to use the switch.
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    09 Chevy Tahoe SSV engine performance upgrades...Where to start???

    I'm looking to start doing some upgrades to my 5.3l in my 2009 Chevy Tahoe SSV. It has 160,000 miles on it, so I am figuring that it is about time to start thinking about Preventive maintenance as well as upgrading. I'm looking for some advice on where to start as well as any recommendations on...
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    Adding Fog lights to my 09 Chevy Tahoe LS *HELP PLEASE*

    Hey all. I want to add OEM style fog lights to my 2009 Chevy Tahoe LS. I have lights with wiring coming off each light coming together. I also have headlight switch with fog light switch. Can anyone tell me where to wire these up please?
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    ZW7 RPO Code Lift Kits?????

    I'm looking for lift kit for my 2009 Chevy Tahoe SSV. I have RPO code ZW7 (premium smooth ride) as my chassis package. If I am correct, it has conventional struts in the front & uses self leveling (nivomat) shocks in the rear. Every lift kit that I seem to find says that it "will not work with...
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    Need some 3rd gen Tahoe buying advice (2007 / 2011 / 2011 SSV)

    My advice is to stay away from 3rd generation altogether. Alot of issues with most. Trust me. I own a 2009 and it's constantly being repaired
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    Lifted Tahoe SSV???

    Has anyone lifted their SSV? I'm currently looking for ideas on lift kits for my SSV. Pictures and info would be much appreciated.
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    Hello from NH

    I've had my Tahoe SSV for a little over a year. I've put a K&N cold air intake, a cat back single in dual out exhaust with 4 inch stainless tips. I put 2" leveling kit in front. I've got Moto Metal wheels with Pirelli scorpion tires. I've done a ton of audio work. I custom built a dual 15"...
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    2009 Chevy Tahoe SSV drivers window has no power.

    So. I accidentally left my window down and it rained inside my truck. Now, the driver side window switch has no power. I dried out the switch. I took apart (Very carefully) and made sure that it was not wet at all. I didn't see any sort of corrosion inside or any damage. Also, the radio and dash...
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    07-14 cab light template

    Does anyone have the measurements for installing cab clearance lights?
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    ZW7 Conversion kit?????

    Why are you posting off topic ? It's kind of annoying. Especially since it doesn't even have anything to with trucks.
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    ZW7 Conversion kit?????

    And that has what to do with rear shock Conversion on a chevy Tahoe????
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    Adding a Lift Kit

    I've heard that the Rough Country 3.5" is decent. But I do not know for sure. Honestly, I would like to know as well, as I want to lift my 09 Tahoe SSV. I look on Custom Offsets and Arkon off road websites. There's a large Tahoe Gallery and good info
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    ZW7 Conversion kit?????

    Hello. I'm looking to convert my 09 Chevy Tahoe with ZW7 (Premium smooth ride) to a conventional shock & Spring. I'm wondering, what are some aftermarket Conversion kits available????
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    09 Tahoe LS Brake lights stay on when key is on?????

    I changed Brake sensor above brake pedal. They stay on even when it is unplugged. I have stock lights and haven't changed anything or done anything wiring wise back there. Any ideas?
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    2009 Chevy Tahoe Audio System Crossover

    Is there a crossover for the non-Bose Tahoes? My 09 SSV has tweeters on A Pillars, they don't say Bose on them. It is an LS model which has basic AM/FM w/ CD player, but has all 4 door speakers with tweeters on A Pillars. So, is there a crossover somewhere hidden?
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    2009 Chevy Tahoe heat only blows through front vents & A/C blows hot

    Hello I believe that this is a mode actuator issue. Can someone tell me where the mode actuator is located?
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    Dual battery Big 3???

    So with My Tahoe being a SSV it has a dual battery set up already. I am plannig to redo the dual battery set up and do Big 3 upgrade. My question is what do I usse for Big 3 kit? Do I use 1/0 Kit and 4Ga to connect between batteries and isolator? Or is there a special kit?
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    09 Tahoe sound system ideas please.

    Hello all...I am starting to plan my new sound system for my Tahoe. I would like some ideas about what speakers to use and where. The only thing that I know for sure is that I want a dual 15" subwoofer enclosure in the rear ( I currently have dual 12" MTX terminator 2000w Max (500w RMS/Sub)...