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    AC Issue

    I drove the truck this evening, and the AC does get coldish when the truck is moving. When its stopped at a light, it stops cooling...
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    AC Issue

    I have an 04 Yukon Xl with the auto A/C Controls. The rear air blows nice and cold. The compressor comes on like it should. The front AC never gets cold. Set at 60 degrees the air coming out is not hot, but not cold. At 90 degrees its nice and hot. At first I though it was just the...
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    Can I Tap Into The Harness Before The Amp

    I have an 04 with Bose. Currently its bone stock. I want to add another sub, but I would rather the factory amp didn't turn it down when the volume gets loud. My thoughts are to tap into the rear speaker channels between the head unit and the amp. Then I can just run that signal to an amp...