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    Help Request: P0300 99 Suburban K1500 LT 5.7

    Just put a fully rebuilt 5.7 engine back in and adjusted the CAM Retard Offset to +1 degree using Torque app. No other codes except P0300. Have limited data access to ECU at moment, but some data includes, at idle and warm engine: Intake Manifold Pressure at 36 kPa (10.6 in Hg) MAF at 7.22g/s...
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    Help Request: Power Window/Door Wiring Diagram 99 K1500 Suburban 5.7

    Could someone please post a wiring diagram for the 1999 Suburban K1500 5.7L V8 Intermittent window function on driver side front window is the only symptom. It is not the switch. Would like to see what else is in the circuit. Thanks
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    Help Request: Intermittent Power Window

    Noticed recently that driver side power window may or not be working at any given time. Seems to go from working to not (or vice versa) between trips/uses. Seems stable for a given trip. It is only the driver side front window. All other windows work fine as well as the door locks. From...
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    Intermittent Speedometer

    Speedometer and Odometer are Intermittent. When it works, it shows correct values, but otherwise goes to zero. Been happening for about a month now, getting worse. Seems to work about 50-70% of the time, no rhyme or reason when it goes in or out. It can be working, I stop and go into...
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    Question on front suspension

    I found a good deal for the front suspension parts, but wanted to confirm with the supplier that it was compatible. The part supplier asked if my vehicle had "Press-In ball joints and independent front suspension". I'm not much of a car guy and have never done suspension work before. Can...
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    Question on Second battery mount capability

    I have a 1999 K1500 Suburban with the 5.7L and on the driver side, there seems to be ample space for a second battery over the windshield washer fluid reservoir. (I assume maybe with a different engine option, this might actually have come populated with a second battery, but that's just an...
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    Stepper Motor Part #

    Gearing up to fix my gas gauge, currently going through withdrawals and gots the shakes.. Does anyone know the part # for the stepper motor? I see on ebay you can get these pretty cheap, but so far, I havent seen a specific listing covering 1999 models and dont want to order the wrong...
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    Help Request: Rough Idle, low mpg

    Getting some vibration, very slight shudder at idle on a recently acquired 99 LT, unknown history other than mnt records, which show it was getting hot a few years back, getting 11 MPG in city. So far: a) I probed plug wires, didnt quantify drop, but seems each plug responded, b) was...
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    Recommendation for cylinder power tester scan tool

    I am wanting to a do a cylinder power distribution test on a 99 LT with a 5.7 L in it. I am specifically wanting to use a scan tool and just toggle on/off each cylinder and watch the RPM response, as a first step. Does anyone know if any of the really cheap ELM327 devices can do this...
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    Unable to enter programming mode

    I have a 1999 LT. Currently trying to debug remote control access. I have no history on the vehicle, but the current status is I am seeing SOME locking/unlocking action through the drivers and passengers door control panels. I say some because most of the actuators are not working and all...