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    1996 Tahoe, hard shifts

    I just replaced the radiator and in the process found the transmission cooler. I've got a filter kit and the solenoid people say is the problem. Waiting for a good chance to install them.
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    1996 Tahoe, hard shifts

    Here's a good discussion of the problem. Link: Several people report the same symptoms as I am experiencing. No hard shift in winter or when driving short distances, but in summer after highway driving...
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    4WD will not engage.

    I'm finally getting around to fixing some of the things that haven't worked since I bought my Tahoe, and I'm actually having some success. One thing I'm still having a little trouble with is switching from 2WD to either 40-Hi or 4-Lo. The switch had been busted and I recently replaced it, and...
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    1996 Tahoe, hard shifts

    Like I mentioned in the title, I've got a 96 Tahoe, four-door, 4WD, 315k miles, and in the hot Sacramento Valley summers I get a hard shift into 2nd after leaving a stop sign but only after an hour or so of highway driving. It does not happen in winter or during short around town trips...