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    Need to drop my 07 Tahoe

    Ground Force is a decent choice. I know 4wheelonline has this lowering kit for our Tahoe's.
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    2005 Z71 Complete upgrades

    Nice pics. Your Tahoe looks great! What upgrades did you do on the suspension? Also, what brand of nerf bars /steps are those?
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    My ABS light is on if I go over 5 mph

    Sounds like you have a problem with the speed sensor.
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    WTB and Help Needed: Instrument Cluster for 2007 Tahoe LTZ

    I used the numbers in the first pic and this came out ---
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    2018 Tahoe Premiere Screen Flicker

    Check the wiring/connections if they are properly seated.
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    Dash Cam Installation

    Bump. I'm curious also as I'm planning to add a backup camera on my Tahoe also.
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    Check engine lite

    There are Youtube videos on how to change the air pump.
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    Steering wheel adapter

    Maybe you need a stereo adapter like the OS-3BOSE.
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    2008 chevy tahoe hybrid

    Checking for codes is the first thing I would do.
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    2007 Mirror Issue - Passenger Side

    Maybe one of the wires is open.