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  1. PNW NBS Z71

    2005 Z71 Complete upgrades

    I am a member at the Tahoe/Yukon Forum and have a build thread there where I have gone almost completely thru the entire outside of the rig and some of the inside. I have taken working components off of steering, suspension, cooling system, oiling system, entertainment and a/c-heater controls...
  2. PNW NBS Z71

    Build thread/Under Construction

    Can you start a forum section for members builds and customizing. Allowing lots of pics?
  3. PNW NBS Z71

    Just not enough traffic here

    Try as I might, I just can't see enough traffic here to remain involved. I will check back in periodically but not daily as I have been. I like the forum and feel it is needed but another forum I belong to is way busier. I don't have all the answers when trying to post here but I know a lot. The...
  4. PNW NBS Z71

    Don't do this

    Never ever be this stupid:
  5. PNW NBS Z71

    Newbie here from the PNW

    I am not a newbie to Tahoe's but am to here. I belong to a couple other forums and am glad to have finally been activated here. I joined on the 9th of this month. I heard that activation is slowed by the dealing with spammers here. Hate them turds. I am a retired ASE Master Tech and ASE Service...