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  1. TahoeGoBoom

    Towing Capacity???

    im pretty sure its 7000.
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    i get all my stuff local. but some popular sites are.. for HIDs to look at all the expensive parts for random stuff im sure someone will post up more.
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    So...I street raced the Escahoe...

    haha, nice man. gotta love ricers. i had a civic try me a few months back. he had been racin around like he was the sh!t n i decided i was sick of him. he was on my left wanting to make a right at the next light, so he revs up and dumps it, and i just floored it.... long story short, the other...
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    Oh well

    dunno if this will make you feel better, but... see, his car CANT be in it. :yesnod:
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    Need Help - Double Din Radio in 99 yukon

    im not a noob when it comes to audio and glassing.. i just see that it CAN be done. i'd make it a hell of alot cleaner than that one, but i dont wanna spend the time to relocate the HVAC. I'll prolly just relocate it and custom fab the dash and center console, but i'll try this first. i dont...
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    20" LTZ wheels on 99 Denali

    i would leave them and just change the caps. :thumbsup:
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    Need Help - Double Din Radio in 99 yukon found it today. plan on doing it once cash comes around now that i see i dont have to move the HVAC like everyone said...
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    Oh well

    i agree with that. its terrible...
  9. TahoeGoBoom

    Oh well

    i think either way it will work out. hell, i have no problem buyin 2 calendars. lol.
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    air horn

    +1 i havent washed my truck in 2 months and it aint that bad. lol
  11. TahoeGoBoom

    air horn

    yea, my roomate over the summer knew the owner. I always found it funny to see a big hornblasters sticker on the evo.. lol
  12. TahoeGoBoom

    air horn

    is it a small horn? at that point you could just get a compressor and put it on a switch. you may just wanna buy a full kit. tank, compressor, horn, switches, all of it has good stuff.
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    air horn

    tank and compressor.. did you just get a horn or a full kit?
  14. TahoeGoBoom

    Oh well

    im up for anything. lol
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    Tow hooks + fog lights?

    ok, so im reviving this old thread. (found it on google. lol) from what i can find, the 6.5L bumper was on early 90's trucks. who knows where i can find one? should i talk to my body guy and see what he can do? i dont see many wrecked 6.5L's in the junk yard, and an early 90s truck with a bumper...
  16. TahoeGoBoom

    Oh well

    id want an obs calendar. but i guess we'll just have to see what happens.
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    Anyone down in FL? Headlight Help!

    the only places i know of in florida are in west palm and lake worth..
  18. TahoeGoBoom

    Painting the frame

    sounds good. thanks man
  19. TahoeGoBoom

    Painting the frame

    now ya got me debatin doin it. its not expensive. and i do have spring break comin up. itd give me something to do. if you do it post up some pics.
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    Another new guy to the forums

    welcome to the forum