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    do i need to remove Bose Amp?

    Hi, i have a question but for some reason searching all over i can not find the answer, found all types of round about similar scenarios but not answering the question i am struggling with. here goes and i hope someone can help me with this. 07 chevy tahoe with bose system no navi. i have...
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    Adding Fog lights to my 09 Chevy Tahoe LS *HELP PLEASE*

    what do you mean wire them up? did you truck come with the fog light option? because then you going to have to run all new setup to that switch. pics can really help us walk you thru the process.
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    DOME LIGHTS so so confused!!

    Hello ladies/gents i have an issue that is mind boggling to me. i replaced my front dome lights w/ led lights. after installing them i press the button to test them and they worked, i opened the door and they lit up nice and bright! the following morning while driving to work early dark hours i...
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    cruise control issue

    thanks again man! yeah i have a 08 and i am pretty sure there isnt that much of a difference between your model and mine.....hmmmmm might have to order a 07 save me some money but i will get tech info from website to see if possible. thanks again, Cheers!
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    cruise control issue

    [QUOTE=jherkel, I read that the brake switch goes bad after a while. I went to and purchased the part for abour 11$. does that part go by "brake pedal position sensor"? cause i found that on rockauto for about $24... just wondering if this is the part you was talking about?
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    cruise control issue

    Thanks! i will try that!!!! fyi....since the brake pedal switch might be bad which prevents the cruise crontrol from working properly.... that might be the case with my remote start/alarm, one of the safety features of the alarm/remote start is to disengage the remote start if the brake pedal...
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    cruise control issue

    as of lately i have been issues with my cruise control. when i engage it after a few minutes it disengages on its own, and then at other times i cant engage it at all like as if it is turned off completely... and here is another issue that i think is tied to my cruise control issues. i have a...