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  1. corvette744

    01 Tahoe brake issue

    Parking brake shoes are not adjusted right.Raise the rear spin the wheels to see drag if draggin back off the adjusters.
  2. corvette744

    Loose steering wheel play -- is this normal?? (see video)

    Definetly need to adjust the tesioning screw its way out of adjustment.
  3. corvette744

    Best Tires?

    Goodyear duratracs is all i will run.
  4. corvette744

    Leveling kit

    Agreed no way to level and not align it will burn your tires off quickly.
  5. corvette744

    Go Buy an intake!! You will not be let down

    Your saying you can get 30-36 whp by adding an intake and throttle spacer-i dont think so.I bet you dont get anywhere close to 20-sounds like a waste of money besides the better sound when you punch it.To much money spent for to little gain.
  6. corvette744

    Adding trans temp guage

    Alot of places that can add a guage to your cluster-i think all you need is a new face,guage and maybe needle and stepper motor. look up online at various places that will do it for you.Also you can buy a cluster already done and with the mileage yours has on it now-also look that up online for...
  7. corvette744

    2000 Tahoe Steering Stabilizer Help

    I would have your whole front suspension checked out if its that bad.Sounds like your gear box is way out of adjustment or something is very loose.
  8. corvette744

    Rear Brake Slider Bolts

    I agree with you if anyone knew the answer little response on this forum-is common
  9. corvette744

    no power to AC clutch

    Does your ac flash 3 times when trying to turn it on.If so follow this it resets the air temp sensor it fixed mine.Press the AC & Recirculation buttons simultaneously with your index & middle finger. (The recirculation button is right above the AC button). This causes the an instant temperature...
  10. corvette744

    Northern illinois new guy

    Whats up guys recently purchased 04 z71 tahoe 75k on it-she's perty.Cool site some good info- i see this is near impossible to download a pic not cool:smokin: