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  1. ueww40

    Sound System silent when cold

    I have a 2004 Tahoe with a 6-CD OEM radio which worked fine all summer. Now that temps are going down to near freezing all of a sudden the entire sound system is dead when I start out in the morning, not a peep. The system is Bose and I don't think it is the radio, because it has power and...
  2. ueww40

    My 2004 Tahoe throws a P0443 code

    My 2004 Tahoe throws a P0443 code intermittently. I know it has something to do with the EVAP system. Can anybody be a little more specific and may have an idea what I should look for? Thanks
  3. ueww40

    wanted 2001 tahoe radio

    The part number on my radio is 10359577. tlynch, what is yours? Won't we have a problem swapping radios, because that is the whole problem with these GM radios, they need to be programmed to a specific VIN in order to do anything
  4. ueww40

    wanted 2001 tahoe radio

    What am I missing here. I looked into it myself, miky2001, tlynch. I checked Best Buy and Crutchfield and there is more to it than just 79 bucks. There is at least another 100 bucks in installation and wiring kits and even then you are lucky if only half of all the functions and features still...
  5. ueww40

    wanted 2001 tahoe radio

    Good Luck. It's a nightmare. Look at my post "Sound system cutting out" Have fun!
  6. ueww40

    Sound system cutting out

    By the way, where is the Bose box. I assume that there is a unit installed somewhere in my Tahoe that produces the Bose sound other than the speakers in the car. I want to check all the connections and make sure that the problem is not with the Bose system, especially now that it is doing...
  7. ueww40

    2004 Tahoe Transmission Fluid and Filter Change

    I am planning on doing a transmission service on my 2004 Tahoe LT, 5.3 ltr. flex V-8 with 143000 miles on it and I am unsure what to order. Can anybody tell me the model number of the trans in my Tahoe? What fluid should I use? It says Dexron-III, just to confirm is that correct? But my biggest...
  8. ueww40

    Sound system cutting out

    There is just no way beating this or coming out ahead, no matter what option I take. The engineers at GM must have spend days just trying to figure out how to thoroughly screw the public with this radio locking BS. The best option would be to get a hopefully good unit on ebay and there are maybe...
  9. ueww40

    Sound system cutting out

    Thanks Mack. How is the sound? I was always told that the sound of flash drives, ipods or iphones is crappy because of heavy file compression during recording
  10. ueww40

    Sound system cutting out

    I know, I know, everybody says that, but I am very partial to my CDs and I appreciate the 6 CD changer in my current radio. I will look into it though! Thanks
  11. ueww40

    Sound system cutting out

    It's been almost a year now and I have not done anything about my bum radio. It has gotten worse and maybe it's easier now to pin point the possible problems. I have no FM stations. The CD player cuts out after a while, but the AM band works fine all the time. When the CD player cuts out I bang...
  12. ueww40

    Sound system cutting out

    My 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe OEM GMC 2003-2005 Radio AM FM 6 Disc CD with Aux Input is acting up. For about a year or so I have been having problems with the radio and CD player. It started gradually and now it happens all the time after about 5 minutes of playtime. Problem #1: After about 5 minutes...
  13. ueww40

    2004 Tahoe A/C high/low pressures

    The other day I went out and got myself a beautiful professional A/C manifold gauge set to check the status of the A/C system on my 2004 Tahoe. As far as the proper pressures of the system are concerned the instructions on how to use the set say to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. I am...
  14. ueww40

    Best Ignition System for 2004 Tahoe??

    I have a 2004 Tahoe with a 5.3 ltr. Flex engine, which has about 138,000 miles on it. I am not the original owner so I am not sure if the plugs were ever replaced at about 100,000 miles like it's supposed to. So I want to replace my plugs, even though I have no problems with the way the engine...
  15. ueww40

    My 2004 Tahoe threw a P0442 code

    This problem has not been resolved yet. I was just away for a while. Here is what I did so far. I had my son, who vapes, blow a lot of smoke thru the AVAP service port right next to the Vapor Canister PURGE valve (the one with the green cap on and the left threaded Schraeder valve in it (for...
  16. ueww40

    My 2004 Tahoe threw a P0442 code

    My 2004 Tahoe threw a P0442 code the other day. 5.3 ltr flex engine. I understand it is a small leak somewhere in the evap system. I visually inspected all the lines to see if I could find something broken, but they all seem to be in order. I don't think it is the gas cap. The cap and seals look...
  17. ueww40

    Heat and AC Problems... Easy Fix

    Thanks RobbysDad. Finally somebody that sheds some light on this. The minute the weather improves I will try to fix this defective blend actuator in my 2004 Tahoe
  18. ueww40

    2004 Tahoe Dual Zone A/C problem

    I have dual zone temp controls and I am having a problem when I run the A/C in my 04 Tahoe. At times, the driver's side starts blowing hot air and the temp control switch doesn't work. When this happens the passenger and rear zones are still blowing cold air. This problem goes away when I turn...
  19. ueww40

    04 Tahoe - Dual Zone Temp problem

    I am glad I did a forum search before I started a new thread. Mdnewbie, I am having the exact same problem like you described on my 2004 Tahoe. Did you ever resolve this problem?