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  1. tann808

    Let me see pics of what you installed in the CD player spot!

    Not sure if the 94-99 models are similiar to the 01 and up but I installed my EQ in the CD changer spot and moved my AC controller on the overhead and install a center channel speaker (i gotta finish it with some cover and mesh).
  2. tann808

    3rd Row Sub install..Who has one??

    I'm from Aiea, check out great people and very knowledgeable people! I had a MRD M1005 to each sub (Dual 4 down to 2 ohms = 1000 watts @ 2 ohms) for daily it was great but I think those subs can do 3000 max, so maybe a little underpowering them but then again frickin...
  3. tann808

    3rd Row Sub install..Who has one??

    It was a custom built box, the builder is on my team, so just paid for supplies. Does anyone know the depth on the OEM sub location? I think that if you can fit in a single DD 1508 and try and get 1 cf and port that thing to 36 hrz. That would be some great bass. We have guys running (2)...
  4. tann808

    Subs are in.

    I agree the RE SX 12's are very musical and can hit decent numbers! plus they are very efficient, I know the guy that builds them if you want specs on a box (I think it's on there website though) Those are some crazy panels your making, I can't wait to see the final stages! Man with that...
  5. tann808

    Help With Sub Box...

    First off Bass is totally personal perference. If you were asking me.....and I'm speaking only for myself; loud = SPL numbers (high tuned box) Low = SQ/Musical (low tuned box) If you have sometime and money, I would build more than one box. I have to constantly build and tune boxes to get...
  6. tann808

    Audiobahn AWIS12P Quad V-coil - 2 Ohm

    wire the first pair of coils in series (2 ohm + 2 ohm down to 1 ohm) wire the second pair of coils in series (2 ohm + 2 ohm down to 1 ohm) a) wire these two series in series again (1 ohm + 1 ohm up to 2 ohm) b) wire these two series in parallel (1 ohm + 1 ohm down to .5 ohm) You'll have...
  7. tann808

    Subs are in.

    What kind of power are you running to those? Are they fully loaded? I've got a friend that has (2) 18" BTL fully loaded running (2) Sundown 3000 hitting 152 but he has it in a S10. We on the other hand have a SUV, I hope you break 150 but were always fighting against our SUV's frequency...
  8. tann808

    3rd Row Sub install..Who has one??

    I ran a sealed box with (3) 12" Alpine Type X subs in back of the third row. I also ran a sealed box with (4) 8" RE subs. 10(h) x 48(w) x 10(d)
  9. tann808

    Help With Sub Box...

    WrenchGuy, Great link! I use this also I'd recommend that you have both subs in a single camber because then you'll need only one port. Are you running a single amp to both subs? if not, you'll have to gain match them. As for the...
  10. tann808

    $$$ Lowering kits

    If you're paying $675 for keys and springs, you're paying too much I paid less than that for my drop spindles and springs. My advice, if you're going to pay for a kit and if you're going for more than a 1" front drop, I'd highly recommend a drop spindle over torsion keys but if you're...
  11. tann808

    24" and 50 series tire

    Wow 50 series?? you might have rubbing issues, maybe not up and down but turning you might rub.
  12. tann808

    Paid $3.71/gal for fuel today

    $4.42 for 92 octane here in Hawaii. I get about 14mpg, alot of stop and go on this small but congested Island. Gas is getting expensive but I'll never think of giving up my Denali, never!!!! I'll just drive my CRX more, LOL!!!
  13. tann808

    Location for my Yellow Top OPTIMA

    Yuppers :thumbsup:
  14. tann808

    Location for my Yellow Top OPTIMA

    you're looking at it.....My main battery has the tray cover over the top of the battery and my second battery has covers over each top post.
  15. tann808

    My new Project!

    Great build!!! keep up the great work!!!
  16. tann808

    Location for my Yellow Top OPTIMA

    I'll post some pics of my dual Yellows when I get home, looks kinds like Boostaholic's Bro's setup. FYI, Don't get me wrong still great batteries, just seems like their claims are not supported. a Law Suit has been filed Against V-Battery, Altronics, and Kinetik Friday, April 25, 2008...
  17. tann808

    New Amp Installed

    Hey Boostaholic, Just keep in mind that when you remove your OEM headunit, you're gonna have to get some relays (just don't want you to be surprised with the extra cost involved) (1) for the door chime, our Denali's door chime run off of our OEM amp to the door speakers. So if you want to...
  18. tann808

    A few pics of my Subs...

    Yeah, his setup is clean! He's not running Kickers anymore though.