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    28.3 MPG - 2018 Tahoe Premier 4x4 6.2L

    I get the same on my 2016 Tahoe 4x2 on 87 octane with cruise control on 74. For a 4x4 that is excellent!
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    Just not enough traffic here

    From what I see not many responses come from Facebook groups when someone has a issue. Most have moved over to the sister forum
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    Should I buy a 2019 Tahoe ?

    I would buy one. I would get ALL service records and have a independent mechanic or a mobile mechanic check it out from top to bottom just to be 100% sure. A nice long test drive on the highway and on surface streets would be on my list also before buying it. That is just me.
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    Should I buy a 2019 Tahoe ?

    I agree. Check out More active
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    Tahoe Fire

    Sorry to see this. Glad you did okay and were not burned more. Check out More active.
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    Inside driver's door lock

    Check out More active
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    New old member 2008 tahoe service traction control etc.

    Check out More active
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    New to Site...and to Tahoe

    Welcome from Miami Beach!
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    New member 07 Tahoe ls

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    New member from UK-99 Z71

    Welcome from Miami Beach!!
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    2001 Tahoe Aftermarket HU issue

    Welcome from Miami Beach!
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    Welcome from Miami Beach!!
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    Another freaking new guy!

    Welcome from Miami Beach Mark!!
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    1998 2dr 4x4 New Member

    Welcome from Miami Beach!!
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    New to Tahoe but not new to Chevy

    Excellent choice!
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    First Chevy Owner

    Welcome from Miami Beach!!
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    Hello from Houston

    Welcome from Miami Beach!! Awesome looking Hoe!
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    Dang Third Row Seats!

    I bought 3 large plastic containers at Home Depot for my 16 Hoe..I use that for my groceries when I can't use the second row floor or the aisle between the captain chairs.