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    Corner l.e.d. lights

    What brand/type of LEDs would you recommend to allow them to work in all circumstances?
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    good sound system

    I have several pairs of Hertz components and love them to death...
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    think i know why i wrecked

    Looks like you had a little too much fun :)
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    Finally got a video up of my exhaust

    did you just replace the muffler from your stock exhaust?
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    Amp Location in a 97 hoe

    This thread helped me out a lot...
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    Beating a Dead Horse

    I believe it all depends on the backspacing...I know with my 97 and factory wheels and a leveling kit, I was told i could get 33x12.5's with no modification. I think it might be tight while turning though. I would say that 33x12.5's would good with a 3" lift...It would also give you enough...
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    just bought a tahoe

    wow, great post. I have a bad remote too and will have to give this a try. Thanks!
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    New Tahoe Limited from SC

    Welcome! WOW, incredible looking Tahoe
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    I have a ? for ya fellow Sub men

    The Ohms that you are seeing is the a measure of resistance...the different ratings allow the subs to be configured differently. This helps matching multiple subs to particular Ohm load that your amp(s) can handle. As a side note, home speakers are usually run at 8 Ohms, car speakers at 4 Ohms...
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    My Project! 95 Hoe.

    You'll have to post pics of your sub box, I'd like to see how that turns out. I am almost done with an amp enclosure that I build under by second row seat. It only keeps the seat up about an inch or so.
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    My Project! 95 Hoe.

    I have all those features plus a glass break sensor, auto start when the battery starts to die and when it gets too cold outside. It also has starter/ignition kill which is pretty cool but to top all those features off I got what Clifford calls blackjax. That is a cool feature for sure! and...
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    Towing my Tahoe?

    I looked into that option several times, and came to the same conclusion each's too heavy and too big (mine is also a 2dr). I think the best option is to find a good company and have them truck it across the states. Just insure they have a good rep. I have heard many horror stories of...
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    Lets talk brakes

    I have been running ceramic pads and slotted rotors for 3 years now...just replaced the pads for the first time last winter. When I purchased the rotors, everyone I spoke with said to not get the drilled. They crack to easily.
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    What brand Starters??

    good question...I have also wondered if there was a difference between starters.
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    HO Alternator

    I purchased one of these and have never looked back.
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    sad and gone forever!

    God Damn that sucks! Sorry to hear about your loss. Keep your eyes & ears open...I had my stereo stolen (2 JLW7's, amps, etc.) and about 2 weeks later I heard about a couple punk teens trying to sell their new stereo. Needless to say they won't be doing that again.
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    Running 4 gauge power wire

    I am running some fan's for my amplifier and thinking about adding some neon behind my amp.
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    Running 4 gauge power wire

    wow, great post Hardwarz. I was just trying to figure out how to put a relay in my truck...I think this info will help out a lot.
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    My Project! 95 Hoe.

    All the work you have done is great. You can probably see the light at the end of the tunnel.