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  1. Jungle Rooster

    Photos of 5700 Vortec needed

    Glad I could be of assistance, Squeasel ! Hey, Hoe, let's go !:peace:
  2. Jungle Rooster

    New 2 door 2wd Tahoe owner and member. Has my hoe been lowered already??

    Chucky - it's common for the rear tires to sometimes be a little wider than the fronts....I recently bought a 2 door '96 and the guy had installed wider rear tires. Yeah, I understand the convenience of being able to rotate all four tires when they all match, but I'll sacrifice that to have a...
  3. Jungle Rooster

    1999 Limited Tahoe 2wd

    My Limited was stolen from in front of my house a couple months ago....recovered the following day when the CHP spotted it on blocks under a freeway onramp. It had been stripped, and a total loss. I have a white 2 door.
  4. Jungle Rooster

    Photos of 5700 Vortec needed

    Squeasel - Not sure if this will help....I have another one, too...but not close ups.... I can send the full size file to you if that would help
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    New here..

  6. Jungle Rooster

    2000 tahoe limited, first truck ever!

    I like the rear bumper deleted off these
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    2000 tahoe limited, first truck ever!

    Nice, Low 35, from a fellow Limited owner
  8. Jungle Rooster

    Heated Seat Problem

    If that only happens on the driver's side, then there's an issue with the heating element on the seat portion, or backrest. If the passenger side will still come on, (usually the good side will still heat at a lower setting, but not full blast) then it's not a fuse, since it's powering on. You...
  9. Jungle Rooster

    Dog sets of alarm

    So you're saying you don't like having to push that deactivate button every time you leave the dog in the car? Seems like a pretty simple thing to I missing something?
  10. Jungle Rooster

    95 Tahoe Dome lights won't work

    You don't have the dome override button on the dash depressed, do you? Sorry if that's a dumb question, but it happens.
  11. Jungle Rooster

    New to Bowties...

    Welcome....and I'm with 'ya....I like the GMT400 series body styles the most, too.
  12. Jungle Rooster

    Service 4 WD

    It might not be telling you that your 4WD is faulty, but at certain mileage milestones sometimes service lights come on to remind you to do preventative maintenance. Like a "change oil soon" light, which isn't coming on because you're running low, but because it's been a certain amount of miles...
  13. Jungle Rooster

    Who makes this wheel??

    Unfortunately you might have to find the Mfg with the tire off. If any of the wheels need a new tire, or once you replace the tires you should be able to find the name brand under the rubber.
  14. Jungle Rooster

    95 Tahoe intermittent TPS

    Is there any chance the timing chain has come loose? I understand that chains are less likely to loosen over time compared to belts, but I've read that the chains have been known to need replacement if they've somehow come loose. There's information online about how to check that.
  15. Jungle Rooster

    My Build sheet

    Ah yes....I was fortunate to have the original window sticker provided to me when I purchased my Limited. Everything was in a nice binder, including maintenance receipts, etc.
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    build sheet request
  17. Jungle Rooster

    My Build sheet
  18. Jungle Rooster

    2001 Tahoe Build Sheet Request This might give you some information