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    New All Terrain Tires

    I use BF Goodrich TA K02 on both of my Tahoes and wouldn't consider anything else.
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    1999 Tahoe 2 door build sheet request

    Hi, Can I get a build sheet for my 1999 Tahoe 2 door? VIN: 3GNEK18R1XG151564 Thanks, dmh
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    Clunk after stopping then accelerating

    This sounds like the issue I used to have. I discovered it was the lack of lubrication in the drive shaft yoke. Pull the drive shaft and grease the inside of the yoke before sliding it back into the transmission / transfer case. GM used to make a special lube for this, but am told it is no...
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    New member '99 Tahoe 2 door 383 Stroker

    Hi, Am a new member with a 1999 Tahoe, Black, 4X4, with a new GM factory 383 stroker crate engine. I am loving the torque! I am looking forward to learning from this forum. dmh
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    Hi, From just another new guy.

    I am an avid Tahoe fan and owner of a black 1999 Tahoe 2 door. My daughter drives a 2011 Tahoe, and my son drives a 2013 Denali. Regards, dmh
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    May I have a Build Sheet?

    I am looking for a build sheet for my 1999 Tahoe 2 Door. The VIN is 3GNEK18R1XG151564 Thanks! dmh [email protected]