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    remote issue

    Check us out here\/\/ lots of good info
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    '95 tahoe Drum Overhaul

    should be some good info here\/\/\/
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    Front Floor Console

    ask over here! \/\/\/
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    Pedderized the Tahoe!

    Check us out over here\/\/
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    "4WD SERVICE NOW" code flashed on DIC

    For future problems come check out the the new Tahoe and Yukon site\/\/\/
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    ticking when started

    go here for answers
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    Rear Brakes

    Head over to lots of help there
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    Need Help. 2002 Tahoe Several Problems

    Damn, thats what I was afraid of. I will have to get it in this next week then. Is it an easy install? Or is it better to take it to the shop?
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    Need Help. 2002 Tahoe Several Problems

    So, will the wheels realy fall off eventually?? This has been going on for a while on my hoe and I dont have the money to replace it right now. Will it hold up or is this something I should throw on a credit card (Dont like doing that) for safeties sake? Thanks guys. Oh, and is it pretty easy to...
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    New pics of the updates

    dang, that is one clean SOB! very nice! did you have all the color matching done some place or did you do it yourself?
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    Need fuse help: Pics

    I think that the wire might have something to do with the lights like 667theneighour said. Something to do with the 4hi mod maybe. As for the underhood light, I didnt find anything about it in the manual. Did you check the bulb to make sure it didnt burn out when you stuck it in there? I have...
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    I have always heard those Kappas are supposed to be real good. I have always used Sony though and have never had any problems with them. I have had my subs for a good 5 or 6 years and they still hit, even with one of them cracked.
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    AutoRide Question

    My next bet would be to take it to a shop and have them test the pump and make sure it isnt blown. Thats what happened to mine. From there, if it is blown all you gotta do is replace it. Other wise I dunno. Have a shop you trust take a look at it. If you dont know of one I guess the Stealership...
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    ? for you up north guys!!! those with SNOW

    im with boost on this one, I have to park on the street and my trucks covered after a week. I just spray it down whenever its not freezing here. Havent used WD40 yet but probably should. I was also thinking of spraying the under side of the truck with some kind of truck bed liner. Havent looked...
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    AutoRide Question

    Dont know if you fixed your problem yet but there are a few threads here that might have some more infor for you. Its worth searching for if you havent fixed the problem yet