05 Tahoe security system issues


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May 25, 2017
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I'm working on an 05 Tahoe that is having the typical gm security system issues. The security light flashes, sometimes it'll start, sometimes it won't, I think he even said it has started and then shut off after the security light started flashing but we talking a lot, don't quote me on the last one.

So I've been asked if I can bypass it. I've done it several times on several different GM vehicles but never on a Tahoe and it seems like they were all older than 05. I JUST did a vats system bypass with the resistor that's in the key on a 98, I believe, Bonniville.

I think he also said this was a police edition. I'm fairly certain on that. I don't know if that will have any effect on what I need to do or not.

If this is the system I'm thinking is in this vehicle, it's the one that you have to put a resistor, anything between 1.5 and 3k between the black and yellow wires. But, again, I've never done it to a Tahoe.

If anyone has done a bypass on a Tahoe, please reply and let me know if I'm even on the right track here. Often the resistor part is simple and then you have to through the entire relearn process by the numbers or it doesn't work. This may have a newer system than I'm thinking and some other procedure must be followed or it is possible that it's just not bypassable. If you call a shop, it doesn't matter what year, make or model you tell them it is, they always say, "it can't be done". Probably a liability issue. In this case, the poor dude just wants to be able to have his wife not get stranded. I get that and will help him if I can, but I need help on this one.

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