1996 Tahoe LT Might Be Seeing It's Days


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Nov 9, 2012
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It has been a few years since I was here. All do to the fact my '96 Tahoe was running in style. But, the past couple weeks it appears there is something wrong. So, here is my thoughts and worries.
When I go to start the "mighty one" it wants to start and doesn't. The lights flicker, tachometer needles goes crazy, and finally the battery is dead, or to the point it no longer will turn over the starter. I check the voltage and it shows I have 12.6 volts on the battery.
I can connect my 12 volt charger and it will start/fire as usual. After it starts and I shut off the engine and make a restart it fires fine as though the battery is ok. I can remove the cables from the battery and let the Tahoe set over-night and next day reconnect the cables and it will start as usual.

I'm thinking the problem may well be in the fuel system, as I don't hear the fuel pump run as it has all these years when I turn on the key. And here's another thought, It still has the original factory fuel pump at 129,690 miles.

I put a load test on the battery and it comes up as a good battery, although the battery is 3 years old.
I just might just take the chance as buy a new battery. And if that doesn't solve the problem, than I know there is another culprit in the system...some where.