2007 Tahoe LT-2 5.3L 4WD Key and KeyFob Problem (Display out for programming Keyfob)

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    Sep 8, 2019
    I just bought this Tahoe: 2007 Tahoe LT-2 5.3L 4WD Flex from an Auction..
    On the way home, the Dash Display went out.. (No Mileage, No Messages, etc..).
    It came with one key.. No Keyfob, etc..
    I ordered two keys and key fobs while waiting for the Title and paperwork to come in...

    I cut and programmed the keys and they are working..
    Crank the Tahoe, kill it, within 10 seconds insert the new key, and turn it on and crank it..
    Worked fine to program both keys.. (At least I have two working spares now)..
    Would really like to get the Key Fobs programmed, but, can't do it on my own without a display..
    Thought this might work...

    To Program the Key Fobs, you have to Insert the Ignition Key, turn it on (but don't crank it), then, press the information button (Second one down), until you read the "Press Check to Relearn Remote", then, press the "Check Button" and hold it until it beeps to enter programming mode..
    Then, press the Lock and Unlock button on the remote and hold it until you hear two beeps to program the remote.. Repeat holding Lock/Unlock for each remote, then press "The Check Button again" to exit programming remotes.. Turn the key off and check the remotes for proper operation..

    I have only one problem. I can't see when I am on the "Press Check to Relearn Remote" selection,, until I find out why the display is not working and fix it.
    I see that the dash cluster needs to be replaced on some repairs..
    Not sure if any fuses are in play for it not working.. I still have not had time to research what else (Simple fixes) might be the problem first. Then, consider replacing the cluster next..
    I did look under the hood and there was only one ACC fuse that I thought might have something to do with it and both sides were hot, so, it is Ok.. I am not sure what else to check at this point until I do some more research..

    If a few of you guys could:
    Press the Information button and count how many times you have to press the Information button before you see the "Press Check to Relearn Remote" message,, what might the chances be that, these are close enough to the same number of presses that I could get to the setting with some degree of certainty...
    Then, knowing what the selection just before and after the "Press Check to Relearn Remote" would let me know what my chance are of hosebagging something else while trying to program these remotes.. ??

    Would some of you guys with Tahoe's mind checking this and reporting what you find?
    1) How many times did you press the "information button" before you got to the "Press Check to Relearn Remote" selection..
    2) What was the setting just before and after the "Press Check to Relearn Remote" selection..
    3) What year is the Tahoe you just did this on, and what mode is it.. IE.. LT, etc..

    This is much appreciated...
    I have some work to do to all 3 vehicles that I bought at the auction..
    But, I have to fix the 2500HD to pull some trailers and the GMC Acadia for my Mom first..
    Would love to slip in the Tahoe fix if it is something simple..
    Any comments on fixing the display would be much appreciated..

    I live in Western NC and run the Paddle Inn Rafting Company.. We are closing up shop and I have lots of work to get done before I can spend a lot of time working on these things..
    Would be grand if a Chevy/GM fan who loved to Raft wanted to stop bye and fix a few things and get some White Water Rafting in, and stay at the rustic cabins until they got tired of getting wet..Ha..Ha.. It's a thought anyway and available if I get lucky.. :).. Thanks Guys..