4L60e Issue

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Sep 26, 2023
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Not sure if I put this post in right location? First Post

I have a 2001 Z71 4WD Tahoe with 4L60e Transmission. 5.3 V8

I have been to 3 trans shops and 1 chevrolet dealer.

At about 40-45 mph it will stop pulling and tac revs up
to 3000-3500.Feels like it is neutral. If you give it
gas it picks back up and runs ok.
It shifs from 1-2-3 ok and backs up ok. No Noises,
No error codes. All the shops and chevrolet tell me
that can't find anything wrong. Any suggestions on what to
do? They wan't ~3000-3500 to rebuild it but they don't know
what the problem is and they say rebuild might not do any
good. Thanks in advance.