4WD Encoder Motor burnt wiring harness


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Apr 27, 2011
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The wiring loom / harness that feeds into the 4WD Encoder Motor 7 pin wiring connector was friction burned/frayed due to the fact that it was riding on the drive shaft.

I cut the black plastic connector away from its loom so as to leave behind 7 cleanly severed ( but way too short ) wires.
I believe that the wiring loom originates from the 4WD selector switch area of the dash.

The Encoder Motor 's own wiring is intact.
I need to replace the entire loom that comes from the dash or I need to splice on additional length to each of the 7 wires that were damaged and also install the black plastic connector into which the 7 wires will feed.

Any guidance/input ?

I do not yet know how to even access the " too short" 7 loom wires.
I need to splice 7 additional lengths of wires to allow the wires to reach the original location to plug into the Encoder Motor 7 pin/wire connector.

Is a new loom available?
What is it called ?
What part number?