Cam and tune questions for 95 hoe 5.7 tbi obd1


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Jul 10, 2019
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Austin, Texas
FYI already installed: 46mm bored TBI unit (all the ultimate TBI mods included), Trick Flow Super 23 175cc Intake/56cc chambers, Edelbrok EPS intake, shorty headers/Borla muffler/Flowmaster high-flow cat/Flowmaster Y-pipe/3in. exhaust tubing, Vortec fuel pump, 1.5 alum. roller rockers, 4L60E fully rebuilt with trans cooler, Transgo HD2 shift kit/Corvette 2nd servo/Superior billet 4th servo/9.5 in. 2800-3000RPM FTI Lockup Converter, 3.73 Rear Gears with Posi
New plugs/wires/PCV/o2 sensor/all the gaskets and bolts and many other small items installed. My biggest questions left are what cam to choose but mainly HOW TO TUNE ALL THIS TO MAKE IT IDLE AND RUN PERFECTLY WITH MAX PERFORMANCE.
My 2 Cam choices are:
(OEM hyd. roller style) Comp Cams SK08-304-8 XFI Duration: 266/276 (210/220), Lift: .500/.510, LSA:114
(retrofit kit) Comp Cams SK12-465-8 Duration: 260/270 (210/218), Lift: .525/.530, LSA:113
Now, which one would you guys prefer?
Would the retrofit have any advantages or the factory style hydraulic roller cam or visa versa?
Both are quite similar and should be good for TBI tuning/MAP purposes I hope.
Any suggestions for a different cam choice?
Which brings me to my next bigger question: TUNING - I have the Moates APU1 and I’m all ready to go with TunerPro RT and the Moates G1 Adapter. However, I have never tuned any type of fuel injection or burned chips or anything like that. Do you guys have some experience with tuning TBI?
My main question concerns the tuning. I really need someone with experience to help my tune this beast perfectly. Does anyone know who I can contact?