CB antenna location


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Apr 9, 2018
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New Jersey
Hello and how are you. I am looking for a little help with my CB radio.
I have a cb in my truck and I mounted the antenna on the left rear back of the truck. I wanted to put it there so it wouldn't hit the trees and get beat up. the antenna is mounted on a stainless steel bracket that is screwed to the metal in the rear door seam.
The antenna is a 36" firestick, sticks up about 9" above the roof rack. The guy at the radio shop peaked the radio, and tuned the antenna. However, I am getting horrible reception . I get a ton of static and white noise, constantly. Would a longer antenna help?
I really didn't want to mount it on the roof. I don't have a trailer so every now and then things go up on the roof rack.
years ago I had a pickup, I had dual antennas mounted on the west coast mirrors I had on the truck. I had great reception and broadcasting.
Thanks TAHOEdriver0468