Diabetes Epidemic in Africa

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    Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which the Blood Sugar Premier Review individual is unable to utilize the glucose in his or her blood to produce energy needed for daily energy requirements. This disorder is as a result of a problem associated with a hormone in the body called Insulin.

    Globally there are over 230 million persons living with diabetes mellitus. In Africa, there are no good statistical estimates to exactly know the prevalence however, prevalence studies carried out by individual researches across different countries put the prevalence ranges between 5-10%. It is estimated by WHO that in 2015 the global figure may be up to 300million persons.

    Diabetes mellitus can be classified into three major types: Type 1 which occurs mostly before the age of 30, Type 2 which is mostly common in Adults over 30 though now commonly seen in children and Gestational Diabetes which occur in pregnant mothers.

    Africa is estimated to contribute more than a quarter of these figure. The major reason for this epidemic in African could be looked from the following perspectives.