Enjoy fresh air without any hassle with AVS In-Channel Window Deflectors!


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Jun 25, 2014
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Cranbury, NJ
If you value the comfort, style, and fresh air that comes with a set of window deflectors, we have great news for you! AVS In-Channel Ventvisors are now available for 2021 Escalade! They mount up and into your vehicle's window channels with no adhesive and no drilling involved.

They are made with high-quality impact-resistant acrylic material that is guaranteed to serve you for years through harsh environmental factors. The visors offer excellent protection against rain and snow. They let in the fresh air and keep the car cool in hot weather. The AVS in-channel window deflectors are designed to look great with a sleek design. They reduce wind noise for more peaceful driving.

AVS® - In-Channel Ventvisor™ Smoke Window Deflectors


  • Installs inside the window channel for a low profile, aerodynamic appearance
  • Easy to install, no drilling required
  • Allows fresh air in while keeping, rain, wind, and drafts out
  • Fresh air circulation removes stale air and odors
  • Reduces wind noise, keeping interior quieter
  • Reduces mirror fogging
  • Shields your eyes from the sun for safer driving
  • Allows you to crack the windows when parked in the sun, to let heat escape and keep interior cooler
  • Custom designed for each vehicle, for a precision fit
  • Made of tough reinforced acrylic that is UV and scratch resistant
  • Stylish smoke finish
  • Car wash safe
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions

Let fresh air in with AVS In-Channel Window Deflectors!